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Episode Review:


Changing of the Guard


Season 3


Reviewed by Wicked Woman


This episode begins in the Maximalís new base, the Century (I think this is what itís called now). Rhinox is working on a new security grid, which during its start up, literally blows up in his face. After plan A was a no-go, Optimus decides to go with plan B: salvaging Sentinel, the old security grid, which Rattrap reminds everyone was underwater. The Maximal commander checks on Silverbolt to see if he had found their newest, and one of the most stubborn recruits, Depth Charge, but that was a bust as well, sending them to another form of plan B.


After seeing a demonstration of Blackarachniaís newest device, Optimus automatically assigns Rattrap to the mission, which after some noise made from the Maximal rodent, caves in. Cheetor then takes this as an opportunity to make a wise crack about a cat toy, making Rhinox chuckle.


A few hours and a bunch of sulking fits from Rattrap later, he and Silverbolt make it to the area the Axalon sunk to its watery grave. Before Rattrap can protest, Silverbolt sends the now screaming rodent down to his mission. After a little bit Ďgetting usedí to the vessel, Rattrap is able to find the Maximalís old base and maneuvers his way to the core where Sentinel lies and runs into Rampage, who is about to crack the Ďtin caní open when Depth Charge comes in and stops him. After dealing with the rodent, Depth Charge keeps the king crab busy while Rattrap continues to try and pull out the security grid.


Megatron, having anticipated the Maximals move, notices that the search for Sentinel has paused and sends Inferno, Quickstrike and Waspinator to the scene.


Rattrap gets out and explains to Silverbolt where Depth Charge is but before the winged wolf can get him onto dry land, Waspinator shoots them both down. Quickstrike is about to kill the Maximal when Rampage, thrown by DC, lands on him. After an argument between Depth Charge and Silverbolt can arise, Rattrap suggests that they leave the fish and get after Waspinator themselves.


After a few humorous occurrences, the Maximals end up losing the security grid to the Predacons and are forced to head back to base for repairs and a game of Ďpit the blameí in which Depth Charge is the main part of. Although learning that the loner did help out after all, Optimus does not lighten up on Depth Charge but does ask him to join them fully, since Megatron does have Sentinel now.



Authorís Review:  I find that Changing of the Guard is not only an extremely funny episode, but one of the extremely funny episodes that are not a filler. I especially love the humorous cartoon scenes, which are used many times throughout this thirty-minute wrap up. This is also one of the rare episodes in which Megatron does succeed (face it, if there werenít any episodes like this one, the Maximals might as well have won in the very first episode in the series), which is quite refreshing. Iím sure that there are quite a number of oddities in Changing of the Guard.


 This episode is by far one of the best Iíve seen. I just canít wait until it comes on again for me to watch.



Reviewed by: Wicked Woman




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