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The Agenda (Part 3)


Season 2


Reviewed by Sapphire



Megatron,  hovering above Ravage's ship, combines his fire with that of the ship and fires at Optimus, Cheetor and the Axalon.  They manage to escape getting hit, but Quickstrike, riding on Rampage (in tank mode) fires a blast at Optimus, knocking him to the ground and sending Cheetor leaping for cover.  They then target the base as well.


Inside the Axalon, Rhinox tells Rattrap that the shields won't hold for long.  Rattrap collects a gun, slipping in an energon crystal.  He then takes a few mini-bombs.  Rhinox notices this and asks what Rattrap is doing.  He responds: "This mouse is goin' cat huntin'!  Knieval mode!" He transforms to vehicle mode and his blasters propel him up a ramp and out of the roof hatch.  He transforms to robot mode in  mid-air and lands on Ravage's passing ship.  He crouches and takes out his energon gun.  He starts making a hole in the ship's roof.  

Rhinox turns the eternal auto guns online.  


Below, an auto gun and Cheetor take out Quickstrike, who is then run over by Rampage.  Optimus cringes at the sight.  Megatron knocks them both down!


On top of the ship, Rattrap's energon gun is depleted, but he has succeeded in making a partial hole in the roof. "Now ya stinkin' Decepticon piece 'o cheese, let's see how ya fair against da stainless steel rat!" He transforms to beast mode and rips the remainder of the metal over the area off, with his teeth.


Back in the Axalon, the shields are on the brink of failing.  Rhinox claims this is just dandy, goes outside and waits for the shields to fall.  Rampage blasts it to bits and Rhinox promptly opens fire on the crab-bot, and a battle between them ensues.


Meanwhile, Ravage orders Tarantulas (inside the ship) to channel all power to weapons.  Tarantulas does this and we see a HUGE missile position itself to be fired from the front of the ship.  Just then, Rattrap has made a large enough hole to enter, and he blasts away what's left of the area he's been working at.  He slips inside holding onto a his tail (working as a rope), much to Tarantulas' dismay.  Rattrap tosses a few bombs at Tarantulas (who stupidly catches them!) and pulls himself back out of the ship.  The bombs explode, sending a ball of fire through the ship.  Ravage sees it coming for him and yells "Decepticons forever", gets fried and the ship begins to descend.  Rattrap is sitting on top of the missile.  The ship heads towards an opening between two huge rocks and Rattrap hops off.  The ship chases Rampage into the crevice, but it stops just before cornering him and pinning him to the rock.  He thinks he's escaped being blown up, and laughs in the face of the missile on top of the ship.  Suddenly, it fires, he screams and the next thing we see is a huge explosion.  Rhinox, along with Cheetor and Optimus, look up and hear a yell growing louder.  Rattrap, flying through the air towards them (because of the blast) ends up landing in Rhinox's arms.  He looks at Rhinox and says: "My hero!" and gives him a bugs-bunny smooch.  "Oh get down," Rhinox says and drops him.  Optimus points out Megatron is not heading back to base and he thinks this ordeal is far from over.


Rhinox gets on Optimus' hoverboard and Rattrap hops on Cheetor. The Maximals fly after Megatron.


Back with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt, and the two of them gaze at the stars.  Silverbolt tells her Venus reminds him of her.  She says: "Oh?  Hot, poisonous and deadly?  You're sweet."  She walks away and he watches her softly. Then, what she said sinks in and he says that's not what he meant!


Optimus and co are following Megatron.  Cheetor asks him where he's heading and Optimus says: "To the beginning of everything, Cheetor, and quite possibly the end."


We're with Blackarachnia and Silverbolt again.  There are only a few more rocks left to be removed, but Silverbolt decides to blow them up.  They enter the tunnel which leads to a huge ship, which Blackarachnia declares as 'The Ark'.  She explains to Silverbolt that eons before the Predacons and Maximals existed, the autobots launched a pod containing their finest heroes.  It was shot down over Earth by a Decepticon warship and it landed here, inside this volcano.  She goes onto say that when the volcano erupts in 1984, their ancestors will awaken to start the Great War.  Silverbolt exclaims how powerful it must be, and she says yes, and it's all hers!  Suddenly, they are shot. Silverbolt is blasted into the Ark's shield, which electrocutes him and sends him sprawling to the floor.  She turns to see Megatron.  He grins and lands in front of her.  Megatron then blast the tunnel entrance, causing an avalanche of rocks.  Outside, the Maximals land near the newly closed opening.  Optimus instructs them to dig.


Inside the cave, Megatron realizes Teletran One (The Ark's defense program) is still active and Blackarachnia says: "Shame, don't you have the codes from the disk?"  He picks her up by four of her spider legs, attached to her arm.  He tells her that she has them and downloaded them from his back-up data tracks before she destroyed them.  She says so what, they're hers now!  He throws her off the mini ledge and he lands beside her.  "What are you going to do, shoot me?  You still don't have the codes!" she hisses.  He aims his gun at Silverbolt, telling her he was never planning on shooting her.  He demands she produce the codes....


The Maximals are still trying to get through the entrance and continue digging at a faster pace.  


Blackarachnia refuses to give him the codes, and he strikes Silverbolt.  They hear the Maximals getting closer and she tells Megatron they'd better get out.  He says perhaps, but first he'll vaporize a possible menace.  Just before he shoots Silverbolt, she exclaims: "Wait!"  She says she'll do it but only because they have to get to cover anyway.  She pushes past him and begins downloading the codes into Teletran One.  It works and Megatron and Blackarachnia finally get inside.  Just then, the Maximals break in, but the doors have already closed behind the Predacon duo.  Suddenly, the Ark's guns come online and start firing at the Maximals.  Inside, Megatron tells Blackarachnia to keep them busy while he effects a more permanent solution.  


The Maximals fire at the guns, while Megatron enters the halls of the Ark.  He hovers past Autobots and Decepticons, still frozen in emergency stasis.  He reflects on the outcome of the Great War.  The Autobots won, which meant the Maximals would rule the Predacons.  He finds Autobot leader Optimus Prime (who contains the Matrix)  and hovers above him, aiming his laser tail at him.   Megatron states:  "It has all come down to this.    The ultimate risk, for the ultimate price!  A day of reckoning, with those who made us slaves!"


Outside, Rattrap blasts the Ark's fusion cannon.  They are no longer under fire and move in.


"So, we are now face to face, Optimus Prime.  In one future you awaken and become the great leader of the Autobots; but time will take a different track now," Megatron says.  He converts all his power to his primary weapon and prepares to fire at Prime.


Back outside, the Maximals desperately try to get the doors to open.  Rhinox gets impatient and blasts the controls which make the doors lock.  He then tries to pry them open with his sheer strength.  The doors slowly begin to budge. 


Megatron says farewell to Optimus Prime, and shoots his head.

The Maximals shield their eyes as a great white light pours through the half open doors and envelops them.   It spirals up from the Earth as a huge time storm and smothers Earth and the rest of the solar system, spreading still further.  The Maximals keel over in agony and Optimus says: "Time itself is all...being...destroyed!"  He flickers from his transmetal and original modes, and from robot modes to both beast modes.  Megatron appears at the doorway.  He laughs and tells them that the future has changed, the Autobots lose, evil triumphs and they no longer exist!


'To be continued'? is displayed teasingly on our TV screens.  This episode marks the end of Season Two.


Reviewed by Sapphire

Rattrap fries a hole in Ravage's ship

All power to weapons!

A sleeping Optimus Prime



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