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Episode Review:

The Agenda (Part 1)


Season 2


Reviewed by Sapphire


We see the transwarp wave front traveling through space.  Back at base, Rhinox is tracing it.  He zooms in on Cybertron's solar system and says: "The transwarp explosion wave front should be entering Cybertronian space now.  They'll be detecting it within a few cycles.  This is it...we're going home."  There is a happy cheer among the Maximals as Optimus dances with Cheetor, Rattrap gives Silverbolt a bugs-bunny smooch on the head and Rhinox blows a party popper.  Silverbolt reflects that Cybertron is the home he's never known.  Rattrap tells him about a place he knows which Silverbolt will love (for various Rattrap reasons).  Silverbolt doesn't look too happy.


In the Predacon base, Megatron asks Inferno about the early humans.  Inferno reports to him that the attack on the valley by Dinobot has caused several tribes to scatter, and it will be impossible to find them now.  Megatron watches a screen monitoring Blackarachnia and tells Inferno that he has only one other high-risk option remaining: to gamble, and 'hope the dice rolls' in his favour.


Silverbolt flies to a spot beside a lake and waits for Blackarachnia.  She comes up behind him and demands he hand over a graviton generator. He grabs her hands and asks 'why the weapon?'  She says she thought it would make things easier for him, but he says nothing about giving her the generator is easy (as we assume he stole it from the Maximals). He gives it to her and she is delighted.  He tells her she should join with them and reminds her she was originally a Maximal protoform.  She tells him she likes being a 'bad girl and she says deep down, he likes it too. (What happens next is left to the imagination.)


We follow the wave front and watch it disrupt a space station, throwing its occupants about.  Then we see three Predacons rise up around a table and begin a council.  This is the Tripredicus council.  They discuss the wave front and realize that its signature reads that of the ship stolen by Megatron.  They remember that they paid for Megatron's crime in diplomatic repercussions.  This angers them and one of the council members tells them that they have been working towards the day they will rise up against the Maximals and take what is rightfully theirs.  The council agree that 'Megatron is brilliant, but a rogue' and causes too much trouble.  They have to handle the situation first before the Maximals find out.  They send a signal to one of their satellites which 'accidentally' explodes, blocking the Maximal sensors from detecting the wave.  Another council member has arranged for a covert operative...they all chuckle darkly and we watch a black, menacing ship (transwarp cruiser) become cloaked (invisible, although the viewers can see a vague translucent outline).  The operative's instructions are to trace the wave front back to its source and terminate with 'extreme prejudice'.  


Silverbolt arrives back at base.  Optimus says it's now or never for Megatron.  Cheetor suggests he might take hostages and Optimus says he's praying that's all Megatron tries to do.

Outside, we get a quick look at Waspinator and Inferno setting something up outside the Axalon.


Back inside, Rattrap asks Silverbolt where he's been.  Silverbolt murmurs 'scout patrol', and Rattrap responds sarcastically:  "Oh yeah, yeah, scoutin' the enemy yeah....find any new...positions?" Silverbolt snaps and throws Rattrap to the ground.  Optimus asks what's going on and Silverbolt apologizes for overacting.  Optimus tells them it's not the time to be fighting and they must go back to their post.


We get an other quick shot of Waspinator and Inferno configuring some machine.


"I want you all to stay alert.  Report any motion, any unusual readings.  The attack may come, but it may be subtle," Optimus tells his crew.


Outside again, we watch Rampage appear (in tank mode) and leap onto the machine Waspinator and Inferno were setting up, and crush it.  He decides to do things his way: quick and powerful, and fires three missiles at the base.  Inside, the explosions throw everyone around.

"Like I said!  Subtle," Optimus says.  They realize the shields are failing and switch on the external auto guns, but Waspinator and Inferno take them out. 


We view space and see the transwarp cruiser is heading towards Earth!


Meanwhile, Megatron and Quickstrike have arrived and are also shooting at the Maximal base.


Inside the Axalon, Silverbolt tells Optimus the shields are at 20% and falling, Cheetor says they're losing weapons power and Rhinox announces the back-up grids are online but they won't last. Optimus asks Rattrap if there is any sign of Cybertronian ships and Rattrap confirms there aren't.  Optimus begins to tell his crew something, but he's interrupted when outside, the cruiser has arrived and is shooting at the Predacons!  The Predacons can't see the ship and are confused.  Megatron tells his troops to retreat and return to base.


Inside, Rattrap asks what happened, and Optimus said they had help.  Rattrap is puzzled because he says the scanners picked up nothing.  Cheetor points to a ship materializing outside!  Optimus orders the shields to stand down and the Maximals wait expectantly.  Suddenly, the roof hatch opens.  Optimus asks Rattrap if the scanners have picked up something.  Rattrap says no.  Silverbolt says: "I smell something...someone's here.  Someone...we can't see."  Startled, the Maximals take out their weapons.  Two faint red beams come down with the sunlight through the hatch and Cheetor asks Optimus what it is.  Optimus says: "Not what, who.  After the War, a few Decepticons were granted amnesty.  Most of them have retired, but rumor has it that one was reprogrammed and rebuilt ...as a Predacon!"  At that moment, their weapons are shot from their hands and a laughing panther-bot materializes in front of them with two guns.  Optimus declares his name: "Ravage."


Ravage asks for pardon concerning the shooting of the weapons from their hands but he didn't want any accidents.  

Rattrap immediately doesn't trust him.  Optimus tells him to shut up and asks Ravage to forgive them; they've been fighting Megatron a long time.  Ravage says the Predacon Alliance are deeply apologetic.  He says that it why he is here.  Rhinox angrily asks where the Maximals are!  Ravage explains the wave was very weak and only the Predacon sensors detected it.  They want to handle the situation discreetly.  


Meanwhile, Blackarachnia finishes a hover craft with her newly acquired graviton generator.  She hides it in a secret floor compartment when Megatron calls her.


Megatron instructs Rampage to position himself in a sub sector.  Megatron tells Blackarachnia to get to her battle station.  He commands Waspinator to journey to some co-ordinates and Blackarachnia, watching in the background, declares to herself: "This is it!"


Back with the Maximals: Ravage's ship takes off and inside Rattrap says: "So this is it.  We just blast our way in there and finish this thing."  Ravage cloaks them so they are invisible.  He says they have another advantage and we watch a red alert sounding in Tarantulas's lab. The spider leaves hastily and follows the ship on the ground.


The Maximals are released from the ship above the Predacon base and they descend to the ground.  Immediately, they begin fighting the defending Predacons.  Rampage attack the ship, but Ravage returns fire and blows him up!  Optimus orders Silverbolt to take Blackarachnia  (who is hovering up on her new mini-ship) down.  Silverbolt hesitates and when she winks at him, he decides not to.  She starts to get away..  Optimus is furious and tells him again to do it, but two auto guns blast the Maximal leader.  Ravage begins firing on the Predacon base now, with his ship.  Inside, the Predacon ship malfunctions and Megatron is left helpless.  Three energon bonds are thrown over his hands and body, fastening him to his seat.  Ravage appears and the Maximals come up behind him.  He says: "In the name of the Pact Cybertronia and the Predacon Alliance, you are under arrest."  The Maximals are delighted...and we pan away from Megatron and watch Earth, still hearing Megatron's screams of protest. 'To be continued' appears on the screen....


Reviewed by: Sapphire


To see a SCRIPT of this episode, click here.



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