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Season 2


Reviewed by Lord Skyfire


                The episode, After Math, is the continuation of the season one final 'Other Voices' Parts One and Two. After the destruction of the alien weapon and the destruction of the great Maximal leader, Optimus Primal, the Maximals are in shock and disbelief.  But at the Predacon base there are cheers and laughter.  The Predacons all praise their leader, Megatron, for outwitting the Maximals and the aliens.  After Megatron gives his command, to destroy the remaining Maximals as they mourn their leader’s death, his ship's sensors detect a quantum surge wave emanating from space. Megatron forgets about his plan to destroy the remaining Maximals and orders shields to be raised. 

                Meanwhile at the Maximal base they start to question why Optimus did not eject from the pod as they had planned and Rattrap decides to ask Blackarachnia, but she is nowhere to be found.  Tigatron prepares to find the spider lady, but alarms sound throughout the base indicating an emergency, the incoming quantum surge.

                Blackarachnia quickly scurries through the corridors of the Maximal base looking for the exit when she is possessed by Tarantulas’ mind.  Tarantulas explains to her that he is inside her mind controlling her thoughts, etc…

                The Maximals sit ready at their stations preparing for the quantum surge to hit.  Once it hits Rattrap and Cheetor begin to glow and scream in pain as Tigatron and Airrazor just sit there as if nothing were happening to them.  At the Predacon base Megatron is hit by the same quantum surge and also begins to glow and scream.

                After the surge passes Airrazor and Tigatron awake to find their comrades, Rattrap and Cheetor, to be changed.  Cheetor and Rattrap check out their new bodies and new modes to have little luck controlling them.  *lol*

Blackarachnia, along with Tarantulas’ mind, continue moving onward to find Tarantulas’ body. 

At the Predacon base both Terrorsaur and Scorpinox have been killed by the surge. Waspinator hops from the C.R. Tank to find Megatron standing in the shadows, eyes glowing red, also changed into a new transmetal form. 

                Blackarachnia manages to retrieve Tarantulas’ body, also turned transmetal by the surge.  While Rattrap issues orders to Tigatron and Airrazor to search for Blackarachnia, while him and Cheetor check on Rhinox and Dinobot.

                Rhinox, still offline in the C.R. Chamber has a strange vision of Optimus’ spark in space, but is soon awoken by Rattrap.  And gets freaked by Rattrap’s new look then questions sadly where Optimus is.

                In the brig Inferno reawakens and reattaches his head and moves out to return to ‘the colony’. 

Rattrap and Cheetor finish telling Dinobot and Rhinox about what has happened while they were offline.

Dinobot and Rattrap go on with their banter, but is stopped by Rhinox, who apparently is in a ‘bad mood’.

Tigatron and Airrazor find Blackarachnia outside of the ship, but just as they were going to take her in, Megatron appears and knocks them offline with a single purple blast from his new weaponry.  Blackarachnia schemes a way to keep herself alive as Megatron was ready to slag her for what she and Tarantulas had planned.  The Predacons set up their attack as they hear the lift sliding from the ship carrying Rattrap and Cheetor.

                Inside the ship Inferno arrives and blasts Rhinox in the chest.  While Waspinator blasts Cheetor and Rattrap sending them hurtling away.  Cheetor unfortunately gets sent flying off the edge of the cliff falling towards the river below.  Fortunately his new form has an alternate mode which allows him to fly.  He transforms to his vehicle mode and flies off.  Megatron spots the flying Maximal and orders Blackarachnia to take out the cat.  But Tarantulas tells her not to worry about the Maximals and to take his body out of there.  She complies with Tarantulas and moves off irritating Megatron greatly.  Inferno and Dinobot rage a battle within the Maximal base, no one seems to be winning.

                As Cheetor checks out his new mode Waspinator spots him and gets confused, “Huh? Cat bot can not fly?” I love that line… dunno why… anyway Cheetor jumps on Waspinator holding him to the ground, but Waspy is able to kick free from the transmetal kitty.

Rattrap and Megatron get to show off their new bodies in a little game o’ chicken, as Rattrap called it. They speed towards each other in both their alternative modes and as they’re about to crash into each other Rattrap straightens his tail out and slams on his brakes causing Megatron to trip and fall.  Megatron soon recovers and begins blasting at Rattrap furiously.

                Cheetor hides behind, what I think is one of the engines of the Axalon, as Waspinator slowly flies towards his position.  Cheetor whips his sword/tail knocking Waspinator’s gun from his hands. The frightened Predacon changes to beast mode and buzzes off as Cheetor follows.  Cheetor, while in pursuit of Waspinator, catches a glimpse of Megatron and Rattrap and heads to help his Maximal friend.  As Cheetor makes his descent towards Rattrap’s position he yells out to him that he’s on his way to help. This was a terrible mistake as it warned Megatron that he was coming. Cheetor headed right for Megatron, but Megatron swerved out of the way causing Cheetor to hit right into Rattrap, knocking them both offline.  Megatron stood happily over the heap of Maximals charging his weapon for their destruction. 

As Dinobot struggles to fight off Inferno Rhinox recovers, grabs Inferno, and shoves him down the south hatch. The ant bot hits the ground hard distracting Megatron from slagging Rattrap and Cheetor.  Rhinox, and I love this part, stands above the hatch with his weapon spinning and screams, “Megatron!”  Megatron removes Inferno from Rhinox’s sight and decides it's time for a tactical retreat.  He transforms to vehicle mode, picks up Inferno, and hovers away.  Cheetor and Rattrap recover as the Maximals regroup while watching Megatron hover out into the stormy night.

                The ending sequence sets the show up for 'Coming Of the Fuzors' Parts one and two. Two stasis pods lay in the desert. Their scanners trashed and data tracks erased.  Malfunctions occur as the pod begins to breathe life into the newest of the beast warriors!


I really liked this episode it moved the series nicely from season one to season two, but what I didn’t like was how they killed off Terrorsaur and Scorpinox without even mentioning them in the episode. No one was sad or anything. Oh well, other than that it was a great transition episode!


Reviewed by: Lord Skyfire

Cheetor uses his head and uses his flight mode

Rattrap tries out his new gun.


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