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- Optimus, Cheetor and Rattrap are all acting strangely, and Rhinox is trapped alone in the Axalon with them. With the power out, itís up to Rhinox to figure out whatís wrong and find them before they destroy each other...and him. First in a series.

Winner of Most Gripping Suspense-thriller and nominated for Most Like a Beast Wars Episode '04


- Unbeknownst to the Beast Warriors, other entities dwell on the planet. Until now, they have only watched. But when one tries to use her power to help a darkened soul, there are consequences for them both... Second in a series.

Winner of Most Frightening '04


- A device implanted by Tarantulas turns Cheetor into an unknowing assassin. When the plan is discovered, how much will the young Maximal be willing to sacrifice to protect Optimus and free himself from Tarantulasí control? And will it be worth it?

  Nominated for Most Thought-provoking and runner up for Most Creative Plot Idea '04



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