Beast Wars
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The Voice Actors:


The voice actors of the characters in Beast Wars Transformers:



Optimus - Gary Chalk

Rhinox - Richard Newman

Cheetor - Ian Corlett

Rattrap - Scott McNeil

Dinobot - Scott McNeil

Silverbolt - Scott McNeil

Airazor - Pauline Newstone

Tigatron - Blu Mankuma

Depth Charge - David Sobolov

Maximal Ship Computer - Ian Corlett

Transmutate & Una - Susan Blu


Voice Director - Susan Blu



Megatron - David Kaye

Waspinator - Scott McNeil

Blackarachnia - Venus Terzo

Scorponok -  Donald Brown

Tarantulas - Alec Willows

Terrorsaur - Doug Parker

Inferno - Jim Byrnes

Quickstrike - Colin Murdock

Rampage - Campbell Lane

TM2 Dinobot - Scott McNeil

Predacon Ship Computer - Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff






The Vok.


Vok 1: Blu Mankuma

Vok 2: Richard Newman


Tigerhawk - Blu Mankuma

Ravage - Lee Tockar.


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