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What’s up, cats! It’s Cheetor, your top-notch kitty bot here, to answer your questions for this turbo newsletter. I’ll give you ten times more interesting stuff than Megahead. Ask away!



First question goes to Blazemane:


Dear Cheetor,

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but have you sought any counseling for the nightmarish dreams you seem to have?


Uhh…no. No one’s poking through my noggin’, thanks.


What does it feel like to run 70 miles per hour (Cheetah speed)?


Pft. Good question: I don’t know. ‘Cause even in my original form I could top that easily! And the feeling is beyond ultra-gear. Try it sometime, and you’ll see what I mean. Not that you’d ever catch up with me…



artemis-lady-warrior’s question is:


Dear cheetor.

Why are you so hyperactive? Do you need some Ritalin?


Am not…



Una asks:


Dear Cheetor,

First off, I'm just going to say it's an honor*hugs*.


Aw, shucks, the pleasure’s all yours…

Now my question is how did you feel when you found out that Dinobot betrayed you guys?


Boy, you went straight to it, didn’tcha? Well, same as everybody, I guess, but I thought he was one of us, y’know? I mean, sure, he’s a bit shifty (and a total party pooper) at times, but he always came through. I don’t think I took it hard as Rat Face though…

I have another one! In human terms, Optimus and you have a father-son relationship going on in the Beast Wars. Any comments?


Oh, yeah, that. Well, what can I say? Big Bot is Big Bot, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be like him? And so you know, it’s not just a human thing. It’s, uh…next question?





Hey, Cheets!

Which of your forms is your favourite? (Include the Beast Machines one if you wish...)

That’s an easy one. My Transmetal from. I mean, come on, I get to fly! Sure I go fast as a Transmetal 2, but nothing beats the wind in your audio receptors 200 feet in the air! Although I do miss good ol’ fashioned running sometimes.


Which one or more of your teammates do you feel you get on with the most?


Aw, man, that’s a toughie. Thing is, everyone still thinks I’m a kid, so they can’t really ‘get on with me’. Except Tigatron. As an awesome fellow cat, he listens a little more than the others, but they’re cool, too…most of the time, anyway.



Oh, look! Another one from artemis-lady-warrior:


Drea Cheetor.


Ha! You spell like Waspinator!

Do you like cheese? Does it bother you that you look a little like the Cheetos mascot?

HAHAHA! I am so sorry. I'm in a random mood and couldn't help it.


Riiiiight…No, cheese is for losers (like Rattrap).



And Blazemane also has another question:


Dear Cheetor,
How do you regard all your nicknames (kitty, cloud kitty, kid, spots, feline, etc.)?


The only one that gets to me is ‘kid’.  I mean, come on, haven’t I done enough yet? But the others are cool.



This question is from Beastbot:


Dear Cheetor,

Why for Primus' sake did you choose such a hokey name when you got your Earth form?


Well, gee-whiz, Mr. Hypocrite, why’d you come up with such a hokey name yourself, hmmmm?



And from Razor One:


Dear Cheetor.

The Pre-Historic Earth Police Department would like to have a word with you about your numerous unpaid speeding fines.


What? No way, that’s impossible, I…


Heeeey, wait a minute! Quit yankin’ my tail! And that’s not even a question…




Well, guys, it’s been ultra-gear answering your questions! The next bot to take part in Bother a Beast Warrior will be…Tarantulas! And now the cobalt kitty flies. Eat my dust!



NEXT BEAST WARRIOR to bother: TARANTULAS: Submit all your questions to or check THE FORUMS for the question thread.

By: Beastbot

Scorponok (Deluxe) [Movie]

Optimus Primal w/ Axalon ship (Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Edition) 
Allegiance: Maximal
Size: Deluxe ($15 U.S.-priced, however)
Comes with: Miniature Axalon replica; mini-sized reprint of IDW's Beast Wars comic #1
Difficulty of Transformation: Medium
Color Scheme: Black, gray, white, light milky gray, and some dusty light tan, dark glossy blue, red, silver, golden yellow, and metallic gunmetal gray
Rating: 9.2 (out of 10)

Unlike the other toys in the first two waves of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary toyline, 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal is a brand new mold with an interesting history. According to the Transformers toy designers, the mold was originally designed to be used in the mainline, Cybertron, as a new 'Jungle Planet' version of Optimus Prime, and the design eventually wound up as a homage to Optimus Primal, but not the actual character. Well, then came along the idea for the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary toyline, and Hasbro decided to release the mold in the 10th Anniversary line first in colors that were close to the original Optimus Primal's. In fact, with the exception of a few minor liberties taken with the hoverboard colors, and the placement of some of the colors, the main scheme is spot-on Optimus Primal, with the exact shade of each color being used again for this toy. It's pretty cool, and despite the toy's obvious differences from the initial version of Optimus Primal, it makes the homages even more obvious. (The red toes I could've done without, though, those look a tad gaudy.) I also am not too fond of the fact his upper and lower robot legs (or gorilla arms) are half gray and half either black of white. It's a rather abrupt transition between the two colors on those parts, and keeping the upper legs a solid white and the lower legs a solid black would've worked better, in my view. One other oddity is that Primal's Maximal symbol is, of all things, painted on the left side of his rear end, which is rather odd...

Optimus Primal's beast mode definitely has the Cybertron aesthetic, with a very techno-organic feel. The mold detailing is magnificent, with fur, technorganic 'muscle', and tubing covering every square centimeter of Primal's body. In this way, this version of Primal is kind of an amalgamation of his original form, his Beast Machines form, and his Transmetal form (because of the hoverboard). There are two minor beefs I have with said detailing, though-- for one, Primal's gorilla face looks just plain ugly. The eyes look a little TOO old and battle-weary, and he has a pig snout. The gorilla chest is also very muscular and flat-chested, which is odd considering how otherwise accurate the proportions are to a real gorilla. There are no real robot extras to speak of in this mode, though the back end of the butt isn't quite as solid-looking as I'd like-- if you'll excuse the wording, there's a pretty obvious hole back there. One other, minor thing about Primal's gorilla mode is that his front hands aren't articulated at all. I realize that they become the robot mode feet, but even a little thumb articulation would've been appreciated, and there's nothing inherent in the transformation that would have prevented such movement. Primal has pretty standard articulation for a gorilla in this mode-- he can move at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and his four fingers on each of his face feet can move as one while the side toe can move by itself on a ball joint. Primal's accessory is a big ol' hoverboard for him to surf on in gorilla mode, though it should be noted that he can ONLY surf on it in gorilla mode-- the pegs on the top of the board only fit into holes in his gorilla feet, while his robot feet have no such holes, which is a bit of a bummer considering that he can't really face towards the front of the board in his gorilla form with both feet planted on the board. The hoverboard itself contains Optimus' Cyber Key gimmick, since he was designed as a Cybertron toy first, remember. Insert his key into a slot at the back of the board, and part of the board slides out and back, revealing a trigger for a missile launcher at the front of the board!

Even though his beast mode is pretty good, Primal's robot mode is where the toy really shines. His proportions are perfect, his gorilla kibble is all tucked behind his head and out of the way, and he has very good articulation that carries over from the beast mode, with the addition of head movement as well-- heck, because his thumbs are on a ball joint, he's the only deluxe-sized Transformer mold to date that can give a thumbs up! The detailing on his chest has the same general design as his original form, but with a bit of a technorganic flair added. His head design is also great, with the standard 'flipped-down faceplate' design Primal's original form had, but his head's a bit bulkier and a bit more technorganicky. I also noticed that he has his old-fashioned jet pack design molded into his upper back in this mode-- a great nod to his original and Beast Machines forms! His chest does stick out just a tad too much from the rest of his body, however, so it looks a little odd if you look at him from a side view. His hoverboard-turned-weapon accessory is rather cumbersome in this mode as well-- he can hold it, but it's nearly as big as he is, and he has a hard time staying balanced with that big thing hoisted over his shoulder.

Primal comes with a miniature replica of the Maximal's ship, the Axalon. It's very detailed, and spot-on when compared to the show, but it's just one solid piece of plastic without any features, not even a landing gear. So, though it does have some 'geeky fan' value, it doesn't really have any playability. Primal also comes with a mini-sized version of IDW's Beast Wars #1 comic in its entirety, but if you already have the first comic it's useless, and you'd have to buy the other three comics in the miniseries to complete the story anyways.

CONCLUSION: 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal is a great mould-- he's been scorned by a large portion of the fandom for some reason, but I can't find out why for the life of me. He's one of the most underrated toys of the year, as both of his modes are great, though he's not completely flawless. The extras that Primal comes with are rather weak and it's questionable whether they're worth the five extra bucks you have to pay to get the 10th Anniversary version over the differently-colored Cybertron version. If you're a HUGE Beast Wars fan (which you likely are if you're reading this newsletter) and absolutely MUST have Primal in his show-accurate colors and a miniature Axalon, than this version of the mold is highly recommended. If not, you might want to go for the Cybertron version instead, which is $5 cheaper.

Review by Beastbot-- for more reviews, visit Beastbot's Fortress at


Reviewed and written



Hi Everyone! This is a pretty late review but with Sapphire’s help, I managed to get off my lazy butt and cruise around the Latest Fan fictions.


Now this fan fiction caught my interest, partly because it was to do with myths and legends (You got to love them!) but it was also the different view the story took.



Birds of Prey


By Everblue




This one is a “What if” story, what if Terrorsaur and Scorponok had survived and the Maximals and Predecons had stayed on Earth longer than what they did in the original series. Both fractions have had to adapt to the changing times and have developed technology to disguise themselves to mingle with humans of modern times.


The story starts however, with an Native American Indian elder called DreamWeaver.  He and his tribe, the Kwaknoota, are being attacked by strange metal coyotes, which take two or three people every night. The Elders of the tribe say they have upset the Great Spirit in some way but no matter what they try, the dark times continue.


Not only that, a strange tall man calling himself “Michael Troy”, a millionaire industrialist, also concerns DreamWeaver. We are told that this man has visited DreamWeaver before, offering to buy the land off the Kwaknoota.

One of these visits, DreamWeaver tells Michael Troy that the land isn’t for sale. Michael seems to take this calmly, saying he will return. He also departs with a “Yeeesss Farewell.”

(Three guesses who THIS is.)


And If you guessed Megatron, you’d be right as the next scene we Megatron, currently “annoyed” (To put it lightly.) with DreamWeaver for not selling the lands to him. The reason being as we discover that Megatron is after the Energon (Transformer energy) that is in the Catalan Caves at the heart of the Kwaknoota lands.


We also discover that because he doesn’t want to attract attention from the human government, he is using the Cyber Coyotes to attack the tribe to try and scare them into giving the lands to Megatron. However, Megatron feels that the Coyotes aren’t enough so he studies some research into the folklores and myths of the Kwaknoota. This is when he discovers legends of the Thunderbird. (No, not the puppets, a big falcon that controls thunder and lighting.)


Meanwhile, the Maximals are at their base when they find out there is a pod near where the Kwaknoota tribe live. Optimus, Rhinox, Rattrap and Cheetor all go to find this new Transformer before Megatron does.


The Next scene opens up with the said Transformer, Airazor is exploring her new surroundings in her new peregrine falcon mode. As she is flying, she spots the Kwaknoota village but does not land, thinking that they maybe scared of her.


While this is happening, we see Megatron explaining the new plan with a unhappy Terrorsaur. Megatron wants Terrorsaur to pretend to be the fabled Thunder Bird to persuade the Indians to sell the lands. Terrorsaur is not having any of it but is made to go with the plan.


To find out whether Megatron succeeds or the Maximals find Airazor or even to see Terrorsaur look stupid and get his butt kicked, you are going to have to link to the story and read it. I’m not going to spoil it for you!





This is a new and great view on what would happen if Megatron did this or if this happened. I enjoyed it, it wasn’t too heavy and it was good for light or quick reading. But the quality was wonderful as Michael puts myths and legends into a new light by mixing it with good old Beast Wars.


The action scenes were very entertaining and you could easily get into the story.





As I said, I have enjoyed it and it was a great short story for anyone that wants a break from doing homework or what not.

Well done Michael and keep up with the good work!



Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next issue!



Golden Fate


Poem By Nyx


The golden disk was taken,

Stolen by the hands of Fate.

Two ships fly, chasing the Gold.

One, then two land on the place of Organic.


Changing and transforming,

The crews strife for the golden sun of Fate,

Its power unknown and uncertain.


The warrior who lost his way,

Holds the Golden Fate.


So war has begun and trouble in the air,

Two armies, bold, fight for their own.


One for Freedom, one for Greed,

The armies clash for the Gold.


The warrior who has to choose,

Holds the Golden Fate.


Fate’s hands twist and turn,

Sorrows and joys are a-plenty.

The quest for Honour is a long and dangerous path.


The warrior who loses sight of himself,

Holds the Golden Fate.


Night dust falls and flames arise,

The nightmare that is to come.

The tyrant of predators holds the Future now but he did not plan for Fate.

Apes scatter, fleeing from ruin.


The warrior who has to decide his destiny,

Holds the Golden Fate.


A warrior rises to the Fate’s call,

Beating his enemies from all around.

Sword broken, Future looks bleak.

But the warrior arises and chases away the tyrant of predators,

Then scatters the Golden Fate.


The warrior lived by Honour, now dies as a Hero of the Golden Fate.



By: Razor One

The Rise of Aurora

Chapter 2


Aurora sat against a wall deep within the Maximal chambers of government hooked up to energon feeders to recharge. Her thoughts were racing, processing everything that had occurred to her only just before in a darkened chamber where she had stood in a pool of light and had been berated and put down for what she could see was no reason at all.


So deep was her thinking that she did not notice the silver and gold bot that stood a few feet away from her regarding her with paternal concern. His glowing golden optics bespoke of a certain level of fondness for her, and his patience spoke of an age old enough to appreciate a time to wait and a time to rush forward.


Eventually, she looked up at him, and sighed.


“Is there any particular reason you recommended me for this, Moxim?” she said with a tinge of bitterness.


“To all things there is a reason,” he stated cryptically.


“You sound just like my inquisitor.” She said Sharply.


Moxim just smiled amiably.


“I recommended you for this because I see in you great potential, Aurora. You have a compassionate soul, a sacrificing nature, a will to see this world to become a better place then the one you left it.”


“And that justifies making me feel bad... how exactly?”


Again, that paternalistic smile crossed his features. Sometimes it made her feel warm inside, other times it infuriated her to no end.


Moxim had been there since she had first begun basic programming. He had been her lecturer on the higher principles of philosophy, politics, and the upper echelons of finer thought.


Although she had only been one student out of hundreds in the classes he taught, she had soon found herself in the core group of students that would stay after classes and engage their teacher in esoteric philosophical meanderings that would challenge student and teacher alike and feed fuel to the fire of their enterprising minds.


Eventually he had noticed her staunch compassionate stances, her impassioned debating style, and most importantly, the conviction she held when putting forth her views.


It hadn’t taken them long to develop a more personal relationship that surpassed the mere student-teacher relationship preceding it to become one of mutual admiration and respect.


Breaking out of his thoughts, he turned to her to answer her question.


“Consider a bridge,” said Moxim, “Each component supports the other, each part as necessary as the next or the last. Imagine if none of the parts were tested to see if they could hold.”


“The bridge would fall,” said Aurora.


“Exactly. The problem with most leaders is that they govern from the comforts of home, with advisors and friends to back them up. The true test, the crunch, as it were, comes when you have nothing left, where you can attempt to save what you have and lose it all or take a chance and hope to the pit that it works out. Great leaders are forged in such fires or adversity.”

“And the test seeks to replicate that?”


“We have no wars to fight, no great adversity to bring to bear upon the shoulders of a potential leaders. The lack of adversity ensures that no one claims the mantle of leadership. Those for whom there are no difficulties in life never amount to anything, coasting through life like a useless piece of slag.”


“It seems… callous somehow, cold. It sounds like something I’d expect of a Predacon.”


“Sometimes the ends justify the means,” Said Moxim with a twinge of bitterness, “Aurora, you must know. This isn’t the first time I’ve sent one of my students in there. They’ve all failed, so far. I… I’m hoping that you could be the one I’ve been told to look out for.”


“What? I don’t understand I-“


A chiming sound emanated throughout the building, signaling for Aurora to return to the inquisition.


“I can only offer you these three pieces of advice,” he said as she unhooked her energon feeders, “First; don’t step out of the light. If you do, you admit failure.”


By now, security bots had arrived to escort her to the inquisitor’s chamber.


“Second,” he continued as they walked down the hall, “Trust no one that speaks to you in there. They are all out to confuse you, to mislead you into a position where you can forced into failure, broken, if you will.”


They had reached the door to the inquisitors chamber, a dark imposing affair that struck the fear of judgement into the optic of the beholder.

“Lastly,” he said as they ushered her through, “You must-“


The door slammed shut, cutting off his last sentence, cutting off that last piece of advice he had for her. Aurora felt in her very spark that the advice he had given had been sound, though she was shocked to find that she had not been the first bot that Moxim had grown to see the same way he saw her. It disturbed her greatly.


But foremost on her mind was the coming storm before her. The last piece of advice had sounded critical if she could judge from the tone of his voice, now she was going to have to take on her inquisitor without that vital piece of aid.


Aurora strode through the darkness, a look of impassive calm sculpted on her face. No matter what, she had to see this through.


As she took up her position within the sole pool of light in the middle of the darkened chamber, she squared her shoulders, her head held high.


“I am ready.” She said






































BWINT - The Site

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 I would like to offer my services out to whomever might need some comforting words or perhaps some of that aforementioned accumulated wisdom. However, I’d like to make it abundantly clear that my words are not law, I am not a psychologist and you are welcome to take what I say to heart of with a grain of salt. I merely offer what I know and hope to learn more about the world, the wonderful people at BWint and myself through this.  As far as the “hows” of this thing, I’ll leave it up to you. I think a pm or an email directly to me would work best and in that email please state if you would like to remain anonymous. ---SilverfromOZ


Taken from this thread at the BWINT Forums.


  • We see that in Beast Wars, the Maximals on Earth are good, while the Predacons on Earth are bad. We also learn however, that on Cybertron, the Maximals have been a bit more than unfair to the Predacons, but also that most of the Predacons want a rebellion either quickly or slowly.

    So my question: Does Predacon necessarily dictate a desire for power/malice, and does Maximal necessarily dictate a desire for peace/justice?


I'm not sure if Maximals are the true Intergalactic Peace & Justice model, but at least they speak for some ideas that Predacons may not consider. For instance that line "Freedom is the right of every Sentient Being" is a demonstration that Maximals are not so short sighted as Predacons. Who really don't care where they have to stand and who they have to destroy in order to gain control of the situation.

And even though I like more the Predacon Faction I have to say that what is a certain setback is that they show themselves Selfish, and Authoritarian. And that is why they tend to look evil in comparison to Maximals.


Unvereitletmann wrote:
I'm not sure if Maximals are the true Intergalactic Peace & Justice model, but at least they speak for some ideas that Predacons may not consider. For instance that line "Freedom is the right of every Sentient Being" is a demonstration that Maximals are not so short sighted as Predacons.

Good point, except that's not a Maximal philosophy so to speak. That's an Autobot one. Most notably, that was Optimus Primal carrying Optimus Prime's spark, and being heavily influenced by the Matrix of Leadership.

Who really don't care where they have to stand and who they have to destroy in order to gain control of the situation.

This is true.

And even though I like more the Predacon Faction I have to say that what is a certain setback is that they show themselves Selfish, and Authoritarian. And that is why they tend to look evil in comparison to Maximals.

In comparison to the Maximals under Optimus you mean. Optimus wasn't the one who ordered the Protoform X project to start, using freaking Starscream's spark, of ALL Transformers, to try and create the ultimate undying warrior. If we're talking about just the crew of the two ships, then yes, the Predacons are "evil" and the Maximals are "good". Its Cybertron as a whole where the line becomes fuzzy. Megatron cites that the Predacons are slaves under the Maximals, thanks to the Decepticons losing to the Autobots. Now, this may be an over- exaggeration, or propaganda, but projects like Protoform X seem to indicate, at least to me, that the Maximals aren't quite as nice and shiny as their Autobot ancestors.


Though being of Decepticon descent, the Predacons would naturally be more "evil" than the Maximals.


Predacons crave many things and power is one of them. They also crave war because as we can see from the Maximals point of view Maximals wanted peace between the two races but Predacons wanted to fight.

In the words of Megatron: "An enemy which appears to be peaceful may in fact be merely, binding its time!"

They don't want peace but destruction.

This sums up what the Predacons represent. They love to fight not just for conquest of Cybertron but for anything they see is of value. Look how they treat the human race. Because of our weak forms, they think we are only useful as slaves, raw materials, or sadistic entertainment. If you are not powerful, you are worthless. That's what they feel.

They are prideful, selfish, manipulative, and full of apathy.

Now, the Maximals are totally opposite but sometimes they do things that are questionable at times.

They do care for other races like from the famous words of Optimus Prime.

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

Instead of conquering, they get to know the culture of different worlds by exploring not dictating. That's peace

"Well, you wanted exploration. Now here we are in an unknown planet."

Now justice is a little touchy sometimes. It depends on your point of view but I do believe that the Maximals try to give justice where it is due. They are not perfect as we can see but they do try to do the right thing. They are not killers like the Predacons.

Except for Depth Charge, no Maximal in the Beast Wars has killed a Predacon while Predacons literally killed Dinobot. Megatron blew up Optimus and Tarantulas killed Blackarachnia until she came back to life.

Now sometimes their justice is not perfect like putting out Transmutate or making an immortal soldier.

In my opinion, Maximals are caring and they just want to be free from battle and just relax. Well, this is the only Maximals we see in Beast Wars. The ones on Cybertron like the Maximal Elders act more like politicians than peace keepers. (My opinion only)


una wrote:
Now justice is a little touchy sometimes. It depends on your point of view but I do believe that the Maximals try to give justice where it is due. They are not perfect as we can see but they do try to do the right thing. They are not killers like the Predacons.

Except for Depth Charge, no Maximal in the Beast Wars has killed a Predacon while Predacons literally killed Dinobot. Megatron blew up Optimus and Tarantulas killed Blackarachnia until she came back to life.

You mean no Maximal other than Depth Charge has successfully killed a Predacon. Though honestly, with all the pain Dinobot was dishing out in Code of Hero, I'm amazed he didn't take some Predacons down with him.

But anyway.

If memory serves, Silverbolt was out for blood when Tarantulas killed BA. Would've worked if Rampage wasn't lurking nearby.

And let's not forget when Optimus tried destroying (urged on by Dinobot, true, but he still went through with it) every Predacon from S1 when he thought Cheetor was killed.

So my question: Does Predacon necessarily dictate a desire for power/malice, and does Maximal necessarily dictate a desire for peace/justice?

Generally, yes. Though there are exceptions (Dinobot and Quickstrike for instance) this is true most of the time.



"Wait, you're sure this countdown will give the Predacons time to flee their base."

I thought that was his reason even though he was pretty ticked when he thought Megatron killed Cheetor.

Successfully? Yes that's what I mean! None of the Maximals successfully killed a Predacon.


True enough, BUT, I think that he let his feelings get in the way, and he didn't consider that he was taking advice from a bloodthirsty Dinobot, who, lets face it, wanted nothing more than to blow Megatron and his happy little band--eager to start another GLORIOUS Predacon day--to scrap.


Ok, my opinion is that the Predacons are generally malicious, for reasons mainly already expressed by others.

As for Maximals, I think nearly all are good, but everybot makes mistakes.



Predacons crave many things and power is one of them. They also crave war because as we can see from the Maximals point of view Maximals wanted peace between the two races but Predacons wanted to fight.

They don't want peace but destruction.

Now why would that be? Most statements point to the idea that Predacons are looked down upon by Maximals because they are descended from the Decepticons. It's possible that Predacons act that way because they are expected to. Besides, the only Predacons we ever did get to see were all somehow related to Megatron. Not so flattering towards their faction.

And do any of you honestly believe that all Predacons are destructive? I mean, what about those back on Cybertron?

The term "Predacon" seems to act as a stereotype, stemming from the more violent root, the Decepticon.


In the words of Megatron: "An enemy which appears to be peaceful may in fact be merely biding its time!"

It's called deception, quite a common tactic in conflict (not necessarily war or violence).

Let's go back in time. Before there were wars and the Decepticons and the Autobots, there was only the Transformer. It was only when the first Megatron rose to power that the Decepticons became a faction and the same for the Autobots. In most fictions, it is suggested that the denizens of Cybertron had to choose between the two factions. Those who did not became the Empties/Neutrals during the war. The more destructive and "I get what I want" bots became Decepticons and the protective and peaceful bots became Autobots.

((*sigh* My brain is starting to hurt))

Alright, present time. The Decepticons lost. They were placed as secondary citizens of Cybertron while the Autobots went off and partied.

So then Autobots = Maximals and Decepticons = Predacons. No third faction, it seems. So where did the Neutrals go? Some of them may have joined the Maximals, others the Predacons. Whichever appeals to them. But the Neutrals were not displayed as destructive, so they'd probably make bad Predacons.

Yeah, right.

Alright, after going through all that, my point is here: the Maximals have a finer lifestyle than the Predacons. They are most likely given access to things that make life better, though they are expected to follow all laws. The Predacons however, have a more free way of life, probably violating a few laws every once in a while, all for the sake of enjoyment or some other good thing.

So, basically, whatever floats their boats. Some Predacons might even be bots of morals.

On the note of the Maximal Elders: They ARE politicians. And lower officials could be corrupt for all we know.

Ah...I could go on and on about the Predacons. So I might as well give a little credit to the Maximals.

Autobots and Maximals = Epitome of Goodness and Perfect Little Angels? Well, like you all said, no one is perfect. Omicron is a fine example of that. Depth Charge too, come to think of it. He's got quite the vision of justice. But then, as Una said, justice depends upon the person.

On Maximal peace...peace is like any other abstract noun, the meaning depends on the persons. I mean, IDW's G1 Megatron called desolation peace. How's that for a meaning?

Fan Art:

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