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The 'Beast Wars Anonymous' Archive

- Recovered Fan Fiction that went missing from the original Beast Wars Anonymous fan fiction archive.


A few years ago, the Internet's number one Beast Wars fan fiction archive was deleted by its web host, Geo Cities. It was home to many excellent fics and talented writers. Naturally, many were very upset to see it go. The web mistress, Jennifer Tallories, had no time to redo it and didn't have the fics saved on her hard drive, so it looked like the famous BWA was lost. Saddened by the loss of so many good fics, I started an effort, along with Dawn (of The Realm of Insanity) and Ivyna J. Spyder to rebuild the archives to the best of our ability. I asked Jennifer for permission to do this and she granted it. If we recovered BWA, she said that I could host it at my own web server. The reason I would be doing it would be so fans of BWA would be able to still read their favourites and still enjoy the fics of the once-great archive. It was a tremendous amount of work and Dawn and I in particular tried our very best to contact all the BWA authors, but many of the email addresses no longer worked and some writers seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Internet. Over the years, through authors and fans, we've slowly been recovering the archive. Then something fantastic happened. Joshin Yasha (formerly known as Princess Draconia) discovered a web archive website that had most of BWA archived in cached files. Both Dawn and I were very happy that the fics had finally been located. Joshin set to work downloading hundreds of fics, formatting them and zipping them and emailing them to myself. In five days I html-coded years of work to put up at the BWA Recovery Archives. Most of the writers have been impossible to contact, so this is where the disclaimer comes in.

If you are a BWA author who has happened upon this page and you were not reached and your fics are up here, and you have a problem with them being up here, please let me know and I will take them down. I do NOT want to offend or upset any writers by doing this. I've spent countless hours rebuilding it FOR the writers and readers and fans, and certainly not for personal gain. The fics have all retained their disclaimers and copyrights. On the other hand, if you're a BWA author whose fics are NOT on this page and you want them to be, then please feel free to email them to myself. I'd really appreciate it.

That said, I hope BW fic readers and fans will enjoy the mostly-recovered BWA archives. The fics have been unaltered and winners of Readers Choice Awards still sport their golden stickers.

Many thanks to Joshin Yasha for doing a lot of hard work in getting these fics to me. Many thanks also to Dawn for helping me out throughout the years. And thanks to Miss Special, who helped me html-code some of the fics.

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Joshin Yasha

Blaze Raptor

Lady Venom

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All who helped.



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