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Botcon 2016 

From left to right, my younger brother, my mom, and I, waiting in line Thursday night for Botcon!

The hilarious script reading panel on Friday afternoon, featuring-- from left to right-- Frank Todaro (fill-in VA for Dinobot); Gregg Berger (G1 Grimlock); David Kaye (BW Megatron); Venus Terzo (Blackarachnia); and Judd Nelson (Hot Rod/Rodimus)."

Aaron Archer at his panel on Saturday afternoon. He told quite a few interesting stories about his time at the head of the Transformers brand over the 2000s. And yes, he's grown his hair and beard out quite a bit since he was officially part of the brand in the 2000s.

The person who quickly became known as "The Bearded Guy" throughout the fandom for turning the last Botcon panel into a laugh riot with his improv.

All of the Botcon 2016 exclusives, after I had gotten home and thoroughly transformed them. A good sendoff from Fun Pub! (I haven't yet painted my Custom Class Ratchet yet.)

Scorponok and Fractyl, coming as part of the fifth "Transformers Subscription Service" later this year to finish up the original Beast Wars cast in pre-BW toy forms. (Photo credit: Seibertron.com.)

All 7 of the people who have attended all 22 Botcons, in their new jerseys. What a way to end the last panel!

The incredible custom "Masterpiece Transmetal 2 Dinobot" that rightfully won the kitbash contest. What a beaut! (Photo credit: Ben Yee of bwtf.com).

From left to right-- my older brother Matt, me, and my younger brother Nick at the concert Friday night. We've all got "The Touch", how 'bout you?

This statue was outside the Galt Hotel, right next to the entrance. For a split second I thought it was actual jockey on a horse. Louisville culture in one picture if ever there was one!

Me after I got my toys, busy checking everything to make sure nothing was misassembled or missing-- always a good idea when you're spending triple-digit figures on toys!

A photo of "Robots in Disguise" warrior class Bisk, the lobster-car Transformer that for me was the reveal of the convention. At the edges of the photo you can see Scatterspike and Scorponok, other unique beast-formers in the new line. (Photo Credit: Ben Yee of bwtf.com)

The Stan Bush & Vince DiCola concert on Friday night. Loud and cold, but fun!

A photo of the dealer room, after the initial surge of people. Lots of great deals to be had there this year!

Judd Nelson at his panel late Saturday afternoon. As you can see he seems to have covered his face as much as possible-- I don't think he wanted to be recognized outside of the convention.

Also shown as part of the "Transformers Subscription Service", Pretender Optimus Prime. That's right-- Trukk AND Munky! Fun Publications is going out with a bang! (Photo credit: The Transformers Collectors' Club.)



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