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Scout Patrol

- Entry for the BWINT Action Adventure Fan Fiction Challenge 2007


The Serengeti Series:


New 'bots

- 'Nuff Said.


Cybertronian Events

- You know, stuff happens on that one metallic globe thing.


More Cybertronian Events

- Oh look! A disc!


Departure and Pondering

- Maximal forces grow desperate


The Sword is Mightier than the Pen

(Part One)

- And actions speak louder than words.



Series: Time Chords


Knights' Initiative

- An envoy from Cybertron is sent to Earth in the aftermath of the Beast Wars and gets more than he bargained for.


Establishing Avenues

- Cheetor learns what he can about the world he's been immersed in, while Bethany's college is struck with tragedy.


The Queen's Advance

- A group of resistance members and Cheetor are in for the fight of their lives. It appears Bethany is too.



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