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Part One || Part Two

- A new character is introduced into the Beast Wars, but is he more than he appears to be? First in a series.


Bounty Hunters

Part One || Part Two

- The legendary bounty hunters Beastbot and Ramulus end up in the Beast Wars, and assignments are immediately given to them... Second in a series.


Rampage on a Rampage

- Rampage finally regains most of his spark back, and, as the title suggests, goes on a rampage. Third in a series.


Maximal Mutiny

- Fed up with Optimus Primal's decisions, Depth Charge leaves the Maximals, and finds a few old friends soon afterwards... Fourth in a series. 


Alien Saga

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || Chapter 5 || Chapter 6 || Chapter 7 || Chapter 8 || Chapter 9 || Chapter 10

The Maximals and Predacons are abducted, alliances are formed, memories are unlocked, battles are fought... and the Beast Wars will never be the same again. Fifth in a series. - Nominated for "Best Overall Fanfic" 2005


Reality Check

- Suddenly and inexplicably, several Beast Warriors have their past memories come flooding back into them. Sixth in a series.
Part One || Part Two

Feral Manifestation

- Megatron puts his intricate plan into action... to kill Optimus Primal! Seventh in a series.

Scourge of the Earth

Chapter 1 || Chapter 2 || Chapter 3

- Some old friends are revived, with a vengeance. Eighth in a series.


Awaken, Bruticus

- The battle continues, as the Maximals find an ancient, powerful guardian. What is he guarding? Time will tell... Ninth in a series.


Entombed Warriors

- The Maximals are led to an underground alien site. Meanwhile, Tigerhawk is captured by Scourge. He is to be terminated.... slowly and painfully. Tenth in a series.


Dark Mockery

- This isn't your average, everyday evil clone... Eleventh in a series.

The Ultimate Choice

- Sometimes, you have to decide what is more important: your principles... or victory. Twelfth in a series.

Part One || Part Two

Feral Plague 

-Optimus Primal's condition is worse than anyone could have imagined. Thirteenth in a series.


Biology vs. Technology

- Introducing the Vehicons. Fourteenth in a series.

All Washed Up

- The Predacons ambush a new satellite base on a distant tropical island, stranding the Maximal survivors until help arrives... but will the other Maximals realize something bad is going on in time to save their friends? Fifteenth in a series.

A Traitor's Tale

- Buzzsaw and his clique plan to betray Scourge, but find out something horrible in the process. Sixteenth in a series.

Do or Die

- It's now or never for the Maximals-- they've got to stop Scourge's transmission before it's too late. Seventeenth in a series.

Different Times

- Back on Cybertron, things have taken a turn for the worse. Eighteenth in a series.


Unexpected Saviors

 - Atlas and Company arrive on Earth and meet up with Rhinox, but they're being followed by another spacecraft... Nineteenth in a series.


The End of All Ages

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four || Part Five

- It has all come down to this! The Beast Wars come to an abrupt end as the Vexorans launch a brutal assault on Earth and then Cybertron itself. The existence of the entire Transformers race is at stake! Twentieth and last in a series.



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