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"Beast Wars Transformers" was a television show that first aired in 1996. It was the first CGI edition of the Transformers cartoon show, only is strayed from the original Autobot and Decepticon storyline to become its own story. While in the first Transformers show it was the noble Autobots who battled the evil Decepticons, in Beast Wars it was their descendants who continued the war. The Maximals were the descendants of the Autobots and the Predacons came from the Decepticons. The planet Cybertron that the two factions are from is set many years in the future and in this era there is peace between the Maximals and Predacons. However, there are groups of Predacons who are dissatisfied with the Maximal rule of the planet. One such bot was Megatron. He and his crew of rebels stole a Maximal relic (the golden disk) and fled the planet, hoping to use information on the disk to find a wealth of energon, an energy source which Megatron could use to fuel his conquest of Cybertron. The only Maximal ship close the fleeing Predacons was the Axalon, which contained a team of Maximal scientists and engineers. The Axalon, piloted by Optimus Primal, pursued the Predacons across the galaxy, and both ended up going through a portal in space that sent them many years back in time. The two ships ended up battling and crashing each other over a planet that would later be revealed to the viewers as prehistoric Earth.

The planet had a high concentrate of energon, which was what the Transformers needed to survive. But, in Optimus Primal's words, it was too much of a good thing. To survive they needed to have alternate modes to revert to, to protect them from energon build-up and overload. They adopted the forms of the local organic life forms and so each bot had a beast mode. The Predacons landed amid lava pits and so their forms were of dinosaurs (scanned from fossils in the ground) and insects. The Maximals landed in a savanha and took the forms of mammals. The two factions met up and while Optimus tried to argue against having a war while both factions were stranded on this strange planet and therefore in the same situation, Cheetor, a member of the Maximals, shot the leader of the Predacons and hence began the entire Beast Wars.

Throughout three seasons the Maximals and Predacons fought and Megatron's desire for power grew, as did his plans. At first his intention had been to mine precious energon, but as the series progressed he came up with far more deadly plans for his enemies. At one point he tried to change the future by destroying the valley from where the human race emerged (without the help of the humans, the Autobots would have lost the war against the Decepticons) and later he tried to destroy Optimus Prime once the Ark was located. Fortunately for the Autobots, Maximals and humans, Optimus Primal and his brave crew fought hard to prevent Megatron from achieving his increasingly insane ambitions.

Many fans of the show like it not just because of its CGI effects and the animal 'disguises' the Transformers had, but because many of the characters were very interesting and some were particularly well-developed. There were several intriguing plots going throughout the show and many excellent episodes that were deep, thought-provoking and entertaining. For a kids TV show, it had tremendous intelligence and wonderful imagination. The biggest complaint fans have of the show is that it was too short, running for only three seasons (52 episodes in total). "Beast Wars Transformers" ended in 1999 with a climatic two-part episode. It aired all around the world and continues to be repeated and celebrated to this day.

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