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About the Author/Artist:

Name: Confidential. :P 

Pen Name: Amber Dawn 

Born: September 29, 1988. 

Lives in: Victoria, BC, Canada. Go west coast! 

Hobbies: Writing is a recently developed passion of mine, especially fanfiction. My other hobbies include reading, hiking, swimming, volunteering and dancing. My love is the sea and the outdoors in general, and you can find me outside in all weather just celebrating Mother Nature.


A bit about yourself: Iím a 16-year-old Canadian girl living in the sleepy little city of Victoria. Iím pretty short at about 5í4Ē with frizzy brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Iím a huge science and math nerd, and that combined with my eclectic style of dress and hippy-ish attitude mark me as a bit of an oddball, to say the least. But thatís the way I like it: better to be different than normal, I always say.


Email: venus_crystal02@hotmail.com


Favourite fanfic writer/fan artist at this site: I donít have a favourite. Every writer and artist on this site is very talented and Iím honored to be counted among them.


Amber Dawn:




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