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Interview with Comic Book Colourist, Josh Burcham:


1.)  When did you know you wanted to work with comics and how did you get started?

Ya know I never really did like comics as I was growing up. I did have a few batman comics from like the mid 80s and stuff but it never really caught my eye. The art just looked very cheesy and...bleh. I was never inspired to look at them besides them being Batman. Even then I never really read them :P But yeah. I was never really one who liked comics. I'll admit and say that I was like most of the general public and though comics were dumb, kiddy, waste of time, and that the only people who liked them were geeky fat kids with glandular problems [no offense to anybody who might fit that descriptions. you just keep on buying xD].

I actually started coloring [mind you this was probably before I even knew I could apply digital coloring to comic books :P] because i saw a lot of fan stuff online and just thought it looked hideous. I had actually met Don Figueroa online because of his macromaster kitbashes and got he and i talked a lot. Found out he could draw as well and when he showed me some of the stuff colored back then I wasn't all too impressed. So i started to inquire about it. I figured, "hey maybe if I learned how to do this I could do better." So after that I ended up getting a copy of Photoshop 6 and started to teach myself [with a little help from a friend off the Allspark]. But for the most part I had taught myself. And really that's kinda how it all snowballed. Dreamwave announced they'd be doing Transformer comics and after seeing the art I realized comic books had evolved from those ugly Batman books I had in my closet, and realized I could actually do this coloring for comics. So I made it a goal to color TF stuff for Dreamwave, and after a few years of practice and honing, I eventually did. I got a hold of one of their staff at 17, and he promised to show my work to their art director when I turned 18 and shortly after my birthday I got an email asking if id like to color some stuff for the Armada MTMTE books. After that its all been downhill :D

2.) What was your first (comic) job?

My first job in comics was in fact, the Transformers: Armada MTMTE profile books. But my first job actually coloring a real comic book and not just character art was DW's 3rd War Within instalment [the Age of Wrath books]

3.) When did you start colouring Transformer comics professionally?

hehe, soon as I turned 18 [which was/is the legal age for working in this field if I remember right]

4.) Do you have a favourite comic that you've worked on?

So far, I'd have to say Transformers: Stormbringer. That book. man. Each issue just amazes me. Every time I see new art and a script and I'm just floored. Its definitely a favorite of mine.

5.) Are you a fan of Beast Wars, or do you prefer G1?

Uhm. I love both. haha. G1 because, well. Its G1. I grew up watching the cartoons, got my first Transformer when I was like 2 years old. Yeah. it holds a special place in my heart. and Beast Wars? well at first I despised it. I thought some random company was trying to cash in on the old Transformers concept because there was no way these things were real. But I stumbled across the show [the episode where Waspinator thinks he's Shrapnel or something] and realized there was a connection. After seeing the toon and buying some of the toys I was hooked. Story wise, its my favorite mainline Transformers series. It was just amazing

6.) Was it a challenge doing the Beast Wars comics and did you have fun?

Both, hehehe. It was a challenge because I had never really colored any Beast Wars stuff before! I had never really colored stuff like beaches and jungles and deserts so it was definitely new experience for me. But I had a blast. I thought it turned out alright in the end ;)

7.) What are your thoughts on the artists you work regularly with (e.g . Don Figueroa)?

Ah man. Well even before I had been coloring I had talked to Don a lot. Eventually we became sorta friends. Heck i remember seeing fresh pages of his Macromasters comic like. He was like "dude check this page i just finished. I was sorta inspired by this one episode of Gundam" and I was like "daaaaaaaaaaang!!!!" :P so yeah. We go back a little ways. I never got to really color any of his stuff after he got picked up by Dreamwave so working on Beast Wars with Don was our first pro venture together and it was awesome. I had always envied guys like Espen who got to color his stuff all the time and now it seems its my turn ^____^

8) How many comics have you worked on so far?

title-wise. hmm.... I've worked on DW's "TF-War Within: Age of Wrath", I had done some work on a couple issues of Alias Comics' "Sixgun Samurai." then I got the chance to work on IDW's "Beast Wars: The Gathering," and the Shockwave one-shot. I actually substituted some colors on the first issue of Infiltration and the 3rd issue of Hearts of Steel. And I'm currently working on Stormbringer and the upcoming Transformers: The [animated] Movie Adaptation.

9: What are your plans for your (artistic) future?

hehe. Doing as many TF books as I can, hehehe.My first goal when I started coloring was Transformers, and now that I've kinda met it I've been making some new goals for myself [not that I want to leave Transformers anytime soon mind you] but I'd love to work on Spider-man [I've been following the Ultimate Spider-man books and man. Those are fantastic. Wouldn't mind working on that actually], would love to work on Iron Man too. And who can forget Batman. So yeah. Those are some of my new goals I guess. I just hope I can keep up with all the new talent that keeps surfacing x__o hehehe.

Find out more about Josh at his DeviantART page here: http://dcjosh.deviantart.com


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