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Dedicated to the most twisted spider scientist there was!


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Dark Secret, by Sapphire




TH:  "You're insane."


Tarantulas:  "So they say!!"


"Give my Regards to the inferno!"


"And I'll make you scream..."




"Unstoppable", by Sapphire


By Lady Scale

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Why do we love Tarantulas?


Sapphire: He's super-smart, devious, clever and scheming!  He's powerful, independent and one step ahead of the Predacons and Maximals most step of the time.  He's his own agent!  He's a psychopath, yes, but that makes him interesting!  He has the coolest voice and cackle.  Fast, strong, a good fighter as well as a top-notch scientist, Tarry is a formidable Beast Warrior!!


Amber Dawn:

-I'm a sucker for the creepy, crawly voice. It grows on you like a fungus.
-The snicker. It's contagious.
-Gotta love the weapons, especially in his TM form. He's got some pretty mean firepower.
-Not too bad to look at, either. Dark, menacing, imposing...and the purple/green colouring suits him well.
-He's super smart: he's always thinking, always plotting. He's a master manipulator and a brilliant inventor.
-He's a villain you can really get into. He crawls in the shadows, he cheats, he lies, he's mean and nasty, and he has a few priceless lines. What's not to love/hate?


Joshin Yasha:


 - His voice!

 - He had some of the best quotes in the show.

- He's a scientist who was successful at entering the Maximal base more than once.




I like him becuase, one, all his modes were cool looking. Two, just the fact he was trying to destroy both the Maximals and Predacons.


Black Baron:


1) His laugh, the laugh of the ages.
2) He was the true mystery of Beast Wars, who did he descend from, what were his true goals and purpose.
3) He was the first real Beast Wars Tech head, making all sorts of interesting gadgets and gizmos.
4) May I present to you Lieutenant Tarantulas of the Predacon Secret Police.



1.he was a very unpredictable Predacon which made (him) very interesting.
2.backstabbing, treachery and cunning make up his personality.
3.when we found out about him working for the pred police, we were practically in shock!
4.some of those cries or quotes are ultra gear!
5.In his TM form, the extras actually suited him which was cool.
6. we've got a mad scientist in the darkside!
7.The mystic psychic link!
8. he was clairvoyant, knowing that "this dustball is doomed"
9.awesome colour scheme ahoy!
10. I could clearly see in my mind a human tarry.


- He's a bit insane. And I love insane characters. His voice and laughter really give me positive shivers. And he's always scheming. He's one of the not-so-ordinary treacherous characters *glancing at G1 Starscream and BW Terrorsaur and sighing*. Sometimes Tarry's plans work, and he is quite intelligent. Tends to remind me of Cybertron Sideways right now. Only the 'drunken-pilot-flight' is missing, otherwise they're quite identical (except the voice and the appearance).



  1. Quite Clever.
  2. Misterious.
  3. He worked out great technological advantages for himself and also for the predacons.
  4. He was always making his own plans.
  5. He never depended on others.
  6. He got things “his way” most of the time.
  7. Excellent poisonous beast form that matches his personality.
  8. The pure spirit of evilness: traitor, backstabber, you name it.
  9. Althoug Megatron's hate towards him, Tarantulas actions carry the storyline almost through all the seasons.
  10. His laugh!
  11. Awesome undercover agent from the predacon secret police.
  12. He was the reason that maximal protoforms turned into predacon warriors.
  13. His lair!

Arachnid Champion:

1. Best evil laugh ever.
2. Definitely the most intelligent Predacon, arguably most intelligent Beast Warrior.
3. Has excellent inventions.
4. Gets away with things such as leaving the Predacons altogether in Other Visits.
5. On that topic, most interesting treacherous character... rather better than  Terrorsaur and WAY better than Blackarachnia.
6. On that note, he gets kudos for temporarily enslaving Blackarachnia, and sympathy for that plan being foiled.
7. Willing to work with the Maximals to accomplish his aims.
8. Interestingly, he doesn't seem insane, as such. Not like Megatron, Inferno, or Rampage, anyway. I don't know what it is, but it makes for rather nice fanfic material if nothing else. Possibly... he envies the insane?



Disclaimer:  While we'd all like to claim this spider as our own, alas he belongs to Hasbro, and the creators of Beast Wars.  We claim no ownership over him.