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Reasons why we love Rampage:


Reasons why we love Rampage:



I admire Rampage because:

1) Y'all here his voice? Hello sweetness

2) His laugh, even better

3) He is a sexy beast no matter what y'all say, he is sexy!!!

4) He is different from the others' isn't one to be a team player to much, but he can when he has to. He wants to be left alone, He's a  powerful bot. Hello that tank mode rocks! who would have thought a crab could turn in to a tank, lol not me. He's got cool weapons!



Landray Depth Charge:

1.) First, let us cover his beast form. Even something as harmless (or is it?) as a crab can become deadly when this form is occupied by someone like Rampage. Lethal pressure grip in his claws, his sick sense of entertainment makes great use of this ability. How fun is it to watch your victims scream while you crush them slowly?

2.) His dark and obviously painful and tortured past / personality. The writers left this open for us fanficcers to make what we wish of his past as an experiment. In my eyes, he kills because of what was done to him during his first years. They warped him, tortured him, destroyed him, in essence. Who knows, if they had done it RIGHT he might have turned out normal. Rampage's past and personality are a blast to analyze and write out. Just so much depth....

3.) I'll agree on his voice. His vocal unit portrayed much about his moods. Deep and scratchy when he was angry / brooding (which he did alot), light and nonchalant when he was happy / amused.




He's just like me.  He's that crazed killer who was turned against not only the people who he hated, but EVERYONE. They cut him so deeply that he can't SEE the 'good side' of people anymore, so he just hates everyone. If you're in his way, you're in his way and you are thus royally screwed. If he ever got his spark back, he could AND WOULD easily annihilate both sides. However, then he'd be even more miserable when he finally had nothing to take his hatred out on. There's no escape.


Rampage is a fascinating character. He suffers so deeply and intensly, and was obviously even more bitter after the only one to enter his life that he can share his heart with dies. Such agony and madness can only be quenched by inflicting as much agony as he can on all others. Each time he kills, he feels closer to the oblivion he craves. Perhaps that's why he throws himself into harm so often. He wants to die so badly, that killing others is the closest he can come to it.



Joshin Yasha:

1.) His awesome voice!

2.) Best quotes in the show.

3.)  He's an empath that can feel the emotions of his... victims, and he's more intelligent and powerful than everyone thinks.


Night Hunter:

Reasons I love Rampage
1) he could take out Megatron easily
2) His voice *drools*
3) I find him hot and sexy
4) His laugh you gotta love it
5) He's not really evil
6) His quotes are awesome!



Rampage Goodies:


Rampage Fan Fiction & Art:


The X Factor

- Psychopaths have an X-factor unfamiliar and incomprehensible to most of us. No one knows yet whether this X-factor is genetic, pathological or spiritual. (By Lady Venom)


Eternally Damned

- The soul should never be taken for granted, it is a never ending child always learning, and always evolving.
Winner of Most Thought-Provoking and runner up for Best Tear-jerker '04 (By Lady Venom)


Mirrorverse: Rampage is the innocent

- A switched world where Rampage hunts the murderer Depth Charge. (By Lady Venom)


The Killing Kind

- After four stellar-cycles of being on the loose, Protoform X has been captured. Now that he is contained, the bots behind his project want to know what went so horribly wrong with him. (By Sapphire) Winner of "Best Overall Fanfic & Most Thought-Provoking" 2005


The 'Losing Face' series, by Sapphire



  Myst and Rampage have a stare-down, by Juditangelo, coloured by Sapphire


A Taste of my Evil, by Sapphire

Pre-mortem: Rampage from the fic "Countdown", by Sapphire


- By Lady Scale



Rampage Quotes:


"I regret everything, my sweet."


"What are you? Another like me, perhaps?"


"I rise again!"


"You will not have it Optimus!  The darkness of its spark echoes my own.  It belongs with me!"


"Your pain is lovely, but where is your terror?  It would make this so much more amusing!



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1) His voice, although soft-spoken and subtle, conveys extreme fearsomeness and menace.  One can sense a lot of emotions through his voice, such as anger, rage, sinister intentions, and even on rare occasions, a hint of loneliness and sadness.

2) He's EXTREMELY powerful.  He gets pummeled with firepower from Optimus, Cheetor, and Blackarachnia and still leaps back on his feet with seemingly no damage.  He takes up to FOUR blasts from Inferno's gun in Code of Hero and is STILL standing on his feet whereas one shot from that powerful flame cannon would take out a normal Maximal or Predacon with one shot!  He can cause gigantic explosions with that cannon of his that no other character on the show can accomplish with normal firepower.  We also get the sense that when he's fighting, he's only toying with his opponants like a cat would toy with a mouse.  He's an immortal too.  Heck, he may be able to take out Optimal Optimus and Megatron if he got his spark back!  He could take out pretty much everyone in the Beast Wars and every single character knows it!

3) He's a very sympathetic character.  He's like a Frankenstein monster created in a lab, where Maximal scientists brought untold tortures onto him, since he came online.  All his anger and rage culminated when he broke out and slaughtered thousands on Omicron.  When it seemed like he finally had a chance for friendship and happiness, his hopes are dashed when Transmutate dies.  He is indeed a tragic and lonely figure in Beast Wars.  He's not some big juggernaut with no personality.

4) His very presence simply OWNS every scene that he's in.  Whether he's making threats towards Megatron or fighting against Depthcharge, his character and personality shine through.  Heck, even when he's not talking, he still OWNS the scene he's in.

5) His absolute disregard for the safety of his own teammates.  He doesn't even care if he smashed Inferno and Waspinator when he smashed the computer console in The Agenda pt 1 and they dived for cover.  Look at what he did to Quickstrike in Agenda pt 3, when he could have stopped, instead of running over Quickstrike.  Heck, he smooshed Quickstrike anyways.  He abandons Inferno in Deep Metal and in Crossing the Rubicon, he casually blasts Tarantulas aside when Silverbolt used Tarantulas as a shield.  What more can be said?  He hates them all!



Rampage is such a tortured soul, doomed to a life of unhappiness and hatred.  And he is such an interesting character because in spite of his violent tendencies, he has shown softer, more rational sides to us, especially in his relationship with Transmutate.  He's a bot in pain and his only way to deal with it is to cause it.  That's why he's such a fascinating character, (especially to write, I might add.)



He's just plain awesome, his toy is one of the best and his background is one of the most unique.




His  personality is just so perfectly dark. I don't think he's actually evil... his past just turned him into a dark, haunted being who escapes the memories of his past by drowning them the only way that works (by his measures) - and that's inflicting terror and pain on everyone. In fact, he's something like a Transformer version of Hannibal Lecter. Um.. actually a more likeable version of him, that is. And he has one of the most perfect voices on the show. I love the way how his voice portrays his emotions, mostly when he's in 'Happy Mode' and in 'Evil Mode'.


1.He was a behemoth of terror, a god of evil, a monster of massacres.
2.His eternal curse of a twisted spark.
3.He was so evil in a happy, playful way.
4.He towered over most transformers.
5.The name says all.
6.Fan fic writers can write a lot about Rampy if it's something funny, romantic or horror.
7.He's so bitter that he hated every other bot that he met.
8.He never really chose to be Predacon.
9.A mean arsenal of weapons and a destructive vehicle mode.
10.His torture: a squeezing of his spark.
11.The death he met was like the climax of that episode.
 We will miss you, overlord of death.


1) He's such a tortured soul. He's not really evil, no
matter how much people try to convince us he is. He
only tortures other to feel...complete, I believe. His
mind was warped...like a evil dog. It wasn't born
evil, its master raised it to be evil.

2) His voice, his voice, his voice! It's
so...different...and calming...yet very scary at the
same time...

3) His death. It was the best part of the entire
episode, I think. He had finally had enough and
decided to end it. He died a good way, though,
laughing and torturing his 'old friend'.

4) He has the best quotes in the show! No. Questions.

5) No matter how much you deny it, there is a way
everyone can relate to him. Whether it's the tortured
soul inside you, the enjoying of other people's pain,
your one and only friend dying on you...somewhere deep
inside you, you can relate to him.

6) He's an empath! That's cool! And he's immortal.


Blue Light: 

I like Rampage for the following reasons: 


1. He's not inherently evil. He's just a dark and disturbed character. 


2. He's an empath. He was awkwardly nice to Transmutate and reacted horribly to her death. 


3. He's got a fitting voice. It shows he's sad and disturbed (and a little psychotic). 


4. He had a good last fight with Depth Charge, and managed to (unwillingly) take him down.



-Don't you get it? HE'S IMMORTAL!!! 
-I love his guns. 
-He's nice to poor Transmutate 
-He's mostly like me in a sense of having a dark past for many years XD 
-HIS BODY SIZE!!! GET IT??? THE MUSCLES!!! That's why some of the ladies loved him xD 




1. His life: he wants to eat everything and everyone

2. He's just cool a tank a robot and a crab what more could you want!

3. His love for Transmutate

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Rampage Goodies:


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