Reasons why we love Dinobot:


Rakshash: 1. His sense of honour. The way he ALWAYS puts honour before anything shows that he does have a moral sense higher than most of the Predacons on the planet. 2. He’s living proof not all Predacons are creeps, something that’s important to me. I don’t know why but every time the Predacons (or Decepticons) are portrayed as “pure evil” it disturbs me. Death to stereotypes!!! 3. He sacrificed himself for the human race. That’s you and me, right? 4. He’s terrific on the battlefield. 5. He’s an outsider to the Maximals because of his Predacon background. But after becoming one of them, he doesn’t belong either with them or the Predacons either. He’s a loner. 6. The way he gets on, or rather doesn’t get on with Rattrap. *squeals* They’re SO cute together. 7. Despite being a big tough warrior, he does have enough sensitivity to think of the little things. Like in the episode “Gorilla Warfare”, in the end he tells Optimus that it’s “good to have him back”. When Optimus asks whether he means back to base or back to normal, he says both, and walks away quickly before Optimus can notice the flowers by his side and ask him about them. Sweet! 8. In “Chain of Command”, when Rattrap is made leader, Dinobot doesn’t make as much trouble as he might have. He is a little snide, but that’s it. In my opinion he also starts developing a little grudging respect for the “vermin”. 9. When Starscream possesses Waspinator, he’s the one with enough knowledge of military history to point out how treacherous he was. 10. He has a weird relationship with Megatron. Obviously he respected him once and trusted him enough to lead the Predacons to victory. He’s very soon disillusioned by what he thinks of as Megatron's incompetence in leading him to the wrong planet, and later by his dishonour. Megatron seems bitter about his betrayal as can be seen by his continual reference to DB as 'the traitor". It seems like the two were close once. 11. It’s seems like he’s deeply interested in Predacon victory, seeing as Predacons were mostly treated as second rate citizens on Cybertron. It mustn’t have been easy getting along with the Maximals, despite how well these particular ones treated him. He was probably lonely and missed being around other Predacons, but he squished it sternly under his whole warrior-ishness 12. When a probe from Cybertron comes to look for the Maximals, he doesn’t want to go back saying that he would be treated like a criminal. This shows what he has given up by not joining Megatron. Had he been on Megatron’s side, he would have slaughtered all the Maximals and gone back to Cybertron loaded with enough energon to take over the planet. 13. He’s got great battle ethics. When he faces his clone in battle and realizes that he is unable to transform, he battles him in beastmode. 14. He has a sense of humour along with his conceit. He refers to his clone as “a handsome creature…and tasty.” An overall deep, honourable, cute bot who will always have my respect and affection.*salutes*


Kacheetah: Well, there are a lot of reasons why I love the guy! First of all, he has been
one of the biggest influences of my life. He used to be the biggest. Since I was 11 years old,
I looked up to him and tried to be just like him. I know now that I should be who I truly am, 
but he helped mould me into who I am today. if it weren't for our beloved raptor, I wouldn't be in Tae Kwon Do training right now or have as much a sense of honor as I do. Another reason is because I LOVE raptors! They and cheetahs are my favorite animals. I've always had a crush on him too. To me, he's the hottest robot I've ever seen. As I grew up, I learned to appreciate the traits of him that more mature people notice. His sense of honor, his respect for his heritage, how he decided to mitigate his poor decision rather than suicide. He's a definite developed character in the series. 



I like DB because of his honor, since it appeals to me more than anything else.


Master Solo:

Nice eye lasers
I like the sword
I like his code of honor
Dinobot and I have alot in common in terms of allegiance and choosing sides
I like the way he always says the right things
He's smart and really strong
I like the warrior


Daughter of Darkness:

  1. He gets ticked off real quick. I keep asking myself if we’re somewhat related, ‘cos I’ve got a pretty short fuse myself.
  2. Laser eyes. ‘Nuff said.
  3. A sense of honour.
  4. Those slagging writers killed him off but made his death so dramatic. What? You think Bay could make it look cooler? Maybe...
  5. Drillbit sword=awesomeness
  6. He’s kind of cute if you really think about it. Seriously.


Reasons Why I LOVE Dinobot:
1) He's a velociraptor, quick, speedy, lethal.
2) His personality, closed, cold, collected, but he expresses his emotions in different ways, like Optimus flower by his bedside in "Gorilla Warfare."
3) You gotta love his sense of honor, it's made him the most decent Predacon, and in some ways a better Maximal.
4) He has sacrificed a lot in joining the Maximals, his credibility, a loyal comrade, his old friendships, and his old habits (ex: he's had to surrender rather than fight to the death [see "Low Road"]).
5) Besides a few exceptions, Dinobot is the most powerful transformer around, he takes out Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, Inferno, Rampage, Waspinator, and Quickstrike, AND he beats the slag out of Megatron.
6) The relationship between him and Ratrap. Who doesn't like playful banter between two quickwitted characters?
7) Like I said, he's quick-witted, always thinking of battle strategies or new disses for Ratrap.
8) The exception of Optimus Primal in season 1, Dinobot is the only one who uses close range weapons (which I take to mean he's got more brute strength).
9) Lazer eyes! Yeah, who wouldn't want to be able to shoot lazer out their eyes (or optic sensors)?
10) He's ready to sacrifice himself for others.
11) He sacrifice himself for US.
12) He knows how to use his beast mode, he sniffs out Tarantulas in "Low Rode," and never complains about it like a certain rat...
13) Like Rakshash says 'He has a weird relationship with Megatron.' He does. It's obvious both are extremely bitter about each other. Dinobot is always saying "We must defeat Megatron,' while Megatron is always using a extremely contemptuous tone when calling Dinobot "traitor." And another thing. Who was it that Megatron chose to resurrect? It wasn't Scorponok or Terrorsaur. It was Dinobot. It looks like someone was eager beaver to see his old comrade on his side again.
14) He got Predacon and Maximal in him, not completely good, but not totally evil either.
15) He respects his leader, Optimus Primal, even when he disagrees with orders, he'll carry them out faithfully.
16) His voice! It fits him perfectly, could you imagine a raptor with a British accent??
17) His robot form was super tall, and he was super cute!
18) Dinobot was a really developed Transformer and a pleasure to watch. Rest in Peace!


Here are the reasons why I love Dinobot:
1. He knows no fear.
2.He's very very cool.
3.He sacrificed himself and saved our race :)
4.He's the best on the battlefield, he's much better warrior than Megatron.
5. I love his cool eye lazers.
6.He's very studious and knows military history well.
7.I love the moment from "Gorilla Warfare", when he tells Optimus that it's good to have him back and when Primal asks him: "Back home or back to normal?", he says both and smiles. I also love that Dinobot left Primal's favourite flowers for him and that's awesome.






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Dinobot Quotes:

"I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way: brutally!"

"I am a warrior.  Let the battle be joined."

"Eat Slag!!!”

 “Great system, your “Democracy”.”

 “Calm down...? WE CAN’T SEE!!!” (Gotta love the scream in that one. Classic!)

 “I cannot live if not the master of my fate...”


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Reasons why we love Dinobot:

Blaze Raptor: 1. He's so cool! He's got cool weapons! Just look at that sword and shield! They spin! (Hmm...they make a great blender and fan respectively *usefully for making cakes or for when it gets really hot outside lol) And, you can't forget his cool fighting moves (the flip!!!).

2. He's a good bad guy and a bad good guy. I personally don't like heros and pure villians (though cooler than heros) can get annoying. He's just kinda in the middle. (My top four favorite characters are all like that) I like that 'cause sometimes there's no one right answer to a situation.

3. He's blue! I love blue (sky blue in particular! That's like the most popular color (or at least I think that's what it said on Crayola's website)

4. He's so cute!

5. He *sniff* died. No fair! All my favorite characters die!

6. Because of reason number 5, he's got some of the best tributes I've ever seen! Thank you, Steel Jaw! Man! That is the best music video I've ever seen!!!



1- He's not "perfect," meaning that he has character flaws that are somewhat serious. Ex: his temper is fiery, explosive, and always accompanied by a short fuse, and he seems to hate everyone equally, even though he respects some.

2- He has a sense of honor that balances out those imperfections (that we all have, as NO-one is perfect), and did die according top said honor.

3- HE DIED!!!! Why do all the best characters get killed off by the writers? Even though he was brought back to life, I mean, SERIOUSLY!!!! Why kill off someone who was so influential and so loved by the entire fanbase?

4- He was so handsome when he smiled, too . . . which makes it doubly unfair, since I can't say that more than one other looked so stunning out of the normal when they smiled.

5- His love-hate relationship with Rattrap never ceased to amuse, and even though I always cheer for Dinobot, dang. Rattrap's hilarious when he's nasty. So is Dinobot, and so you see why they bounce off of each other, while they also get along in emergency situations.

6- Dinobot's grudging respect of Primal and Rattrap shows us that sometimes we have to do things that aren't exactly on our list of things-to-do, and we have to work with people we'd rather kill than agree with, it pays to be respectful in tough situations.

7- He's tall, dark, and silent. Exactly what all romantic-minded gals like me like in a guy. That, and that you know that deep down, he's a great guy and has a heart of gold. *blinks* whoops! Am I being romantic again? Gomen-nasai!

8- I've always have had an obsession with raptors. The Jurassic Park Trilogy are some of my favorite movies, and when I watch them alone, I always skip to and pay the closest attention to the raptor scenes.

9- *grins after reading Kacheetah's reasons* Looks like we have something in common, Kat. It's the same with me, as I've always looked up to Dinobot as being someone who SHOULD be emulated. *hopes that's the right word* He's honorable and is someone that everyone, I think, would love to have as either an older brother, close friend, or otherwise. *grins* I wish that I could take up Kendo, the Japanese art of sword-fighting, but there aren't many schools in my area, and even then, if they were around me, they'd be REALLY expensive. Might as well just find a self-defense course, ne?



1:as everyone says, he puts honor before anything else. In coming of the fuzors part 2,he remarks "at least we go down......with honor"
2:his weapons; a cool, rotating sword, and the tendency for him to use rapid fire guns.
3:his arguments with Rattrap.quote (dinobot): "opportunistic vermin!" 
4:Rattrap's nickname for him: "chopperface"
5:the battle he had with Megatron on beast wars,pt1

and finally, how he was the one who sacrificed himself twice, once as a maxi in "code of hero" and as a pred, in "nemesis,pt2" 


I like Dinobot because he is quite an interesting character. Indeed, one of the strongest in the Beast Wars. A bit harsh at moments, but every character has its certain oddities. I always enjoyed watching him and Rattrap with the typical "hey dinobutt" - "what is it vermin?" sorta thing. I think they became good friends, none of them would have admit it though. His beast mode is splendid! Very interesting to watch when he moves around. He was always there to help the Maximals, ignoring his Predacon nature. He lived a warrior and died a hero. What more to say?

Flyby Stardancer:  

He's very honorable, and he always tries to stick to his honor. 
Also, his arguments with Rattrap are hilarious! And he uses a sword! ^_^


He is so cool and is one of the only non TM to actually be able to beat up Megatron.

Night Hunter:

1) His voice *faints
2) His beast mode awesome!!!
3) He has a strong sense of honor
4) He's hot
5) He died with his honor *bails like a baby*
6) He's a true warrior


1. His sense of honour. A true hero prepared to sacrifice himself to save the lives of others and he had some very memorable last words.
2. He’s a Velociraptor, one of my favourite dinosaurs.
3. His constant arguments with Rattrap were hilarious. I particularly like the argument in ‘The Low Road’ when he calls Rattrap “eater of garbage”. It was made even funnier by knowing both characters are voiced by the same person.
4. He’s the only original character to be both a Predacon and a Maximal.


By Daughter of Darkness









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