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Reviewed by: Jen Pacerpaw


At Pred HQ Megatron is in the middle of an experiment, a new method to refine energon.
But it fails! As the purple tyrant orders another energon crystal to be brought to him, Terrorsaur refuses and calls him and incompetent leader! 
Even Waspinator seems angry, saying he wants to fight. Even the loyal Scorpinok seems very discontent. Megatron says Terrorsaur will regret the rebellion. They start to fire in his direction, but he takes cover behind a container with a large energon crystal inside.

Rattrap has put his fuzzy butt on the line as he so eloquently put it and installed a spy cable at the Predacon base. The Maximals are all gathered in the Axalon command centre to watch the current events at the Darkside.  Optimus and Dinobot notes that that's dissention all right and that it appears serious this time.

The Predacons continue to shoot and hits the energon container! A large explosion rocks the base and the immediate area, it can be felt all the way to the Axalon. Whoa.

The Maximals head over to the Predacon base to check if the Predacons have ultimately fallen victims to their own actions. Rhinox gets no readings or any signs of life while they are outside the base. Optimus notes that it looks they have won the beast wars. The gang enters the Darkside and still no signs of life.

Rattrap suggests they "pillage and plunder" and that Dinobot should go first but doesn't get the expected reaction or any insults from Dinobot which is very unusual. The raptor just says that would be logical and heads off. 
Rattrap comments that he's pushing all Dinobot's hot buttons and getting nada and wonders what's with him. Optimus testily comments "Can't you figure it out," seemingly knowing what must be bothering Dinobot.

Dinobot leads them to the Darksides intact Transwarp drive and tells them that is what they seek. Then he moves on to reconnoiter elsewhere as he puts it. Rattrap has a paranoid moment wondering what they should do with Dinobot. Optimus wonders why they should do anything with the raptor and Rattraps responds that Dinobot is a soldier. 
That with all the other Predacons gone who else is he going to fight. Optimus and Rhinox ignores the continuing comments and move to get the Transwarp drive they need to get the Axalon flight capable again.

Meanwhile Dinobot walks around in another part of the ship when suddenly Tarantulas spider legs can be seen on the wall beside him. He quickly turns ready to fight. But it turns out it was just Cheetor joking. Not amused, Dinobot wonders where Cheetor found the spider legs and laments over his former comrade Tarantulas. Cheetor mockingly asks if he needs a hug but the raptor growls at him and looks menacing. Just then Rattrap enters and tells them they have what they need. As Cheetor and Rattrap heads out first, Dinobot looks downcast.

Rhinox busies himself with drive repairs as Cheetor, Rattrap and Optimus help install the large transwarp drive. Rattrap notes that they still can't trust Dinobot but Rhinox says that before they decide where he's going they'd better decide where they are going.

Optimus says the stasis pods containing their comrades still in orbit is the first order of buisness.  Cheetor wonders if they'll continue exploring, but Rattrap comments that if they even make it to space the only place they are 
headed is back to Cybertron. Optimus agrees with him. Rattrap is excited over the thought of returning home.

Just then Dinobot appears at long last, dryly commenting Rattrap's excitement. After some slight witty banter, Dinobot reveals he won't be returning with them to Cybertron."  On Cybertron I'll merely be a Predacon criminal, but on this planet I have no equal. I shall remain to conquer and rule."
Primal says he understands but that it will eventually lead to Dinobot's destruction.  Dinobot responds that eventually can be a very long time then salutes his former comrades and leaves.

Fittingly enough there is dark clouds in the sky, even lightning now and then as Dinobot makes his way through the barren landscape. But all is not as it seems.
He stops by a large crevice and it turns out the Predacons are still very much alive, one of Blackarachnia's new inventions have prevented them from being detected.

It turns out they stumbled across the spy cable and thus learned about it. 
It's all a trick.  They are just biding their time to attack when the Maximals have prepared the ship for flight. Dinobot tries to move away silently but falling pebbles hits the hiding Predacons. Megatron sees Dinobot! The raptor is now being chased as he runs to warn Optimus and the others at the Axalon.

At Good Guy Central, the Maximals have contacted Tigatron. The moment stripes arrive they start the countdown for liftoff. Rhinox sees that Dinobot is running toward the Axalon at full speed, followed by the very much alive Predacons! So does Optimus.  Dinobot is hit in the back and falls! Though he's fully capable of using 
his eye lasers while down. Concerned, Optimus prepares to go outside to help him.

Rhinox says that the ship is barely hanging together as it is can't be shut down.  Optimus wants them to take off without him and Dinobot if they don't make it in time. Rhinox refuses to do so, but Optimus firmly says it's a priority order
and big green sighs, knowing what he must do.

Optimus maximizes, takes a riot shield and is about to leave when Cheetor tells him to wait for him. Optimus and Rhinox says no, but Cheetor insists he'll never get to Dinobot without backup and the boss monkey has to agree.
Tigatron wants to charge out along with them, but Rhinox stays him  "Back in your seat! You heard the orders!" Stripes protests, but Rhinox firmly orders him to sit saying he needs all of them to bring "this bird" to Cybertron and
stripes does so. Then big green orders Rattrap to handle the astro navigations and Tigatron to get the cannons online as Optimus is going to need some cover fire.

Cheetor covers Optimus as he flies over to get to Dinobot. The raptor tells him it was strategically unsound but Optimus saves him anyway as expected.

As Optimus lifts off with Dinobot, he's hit by Terrorsaur and goes down. Cheetor growls with anger and starts to shoot wildly at Terrorsaur, leaving himself open for a blast from Megatron! The cat is down. Megatron orders all
Predacons to head for the ship. But they are greeted by a barrage of gunfire from the Axalon as they charge. Everyone is hit and downed for the moment.

Optimus slowly gets up but has to revert back to gorilla mode. Cheetor drags himself to the entrance of the ship and notices that the ship is slowly lifting.  He alerts Optimus who is slowly making his way toward the ship carrying
Dinobot. Optimus manages to get close enough to throw Dinobot to the entrance platform, then leaps and grabs Cheetor outstretched hand.
Below, Scorpinok has revived sees his chance to hit Optimus and shoots! Optimus looses his grip and falls a long way. Cheetor yells but it's no use.  The ship passes a cliff and a revived Megatron makes a run for it and leaps managing to grab the ship!

Cheetor and Dinobot get inside. Rattrap asks about Optimus but they both sadly shake their heads. Dinobot laments that they should have left him behind. Rattrap retorts that Optimus got left behind to save his scaly butt and 
that he shouldn't spoil the sacrifice.

Megatron has managed to get inside and says the sacrifice has already been spoiled!  He shoots Tigatron, Rhinox, Dinobot and Cheetor, downing them! Only Rattrap is undamaged. Megatron notes that now it's only him standing in the way of ultimate conquest. Rattrap tries to transform but too late, Megatron grabs him in his T-rex head hand and squeezes him hard preparing for the kill.

Rhinox has revived and charges to rescue his friend. Megatron throws Rattrap away to face the rhino but it's not fast enough! Rhinox socks him hard in the face and he sees stars a moment. The Maximal doesn't waste time. He pushes 
Megatron back then grabs him turns him upside down over the entrance and stomps so hard on his aftplate 
that the purple one falls down. it's quite a long drop height and Megatron bellows all the way.

The danger is far from over though! Rhinox turns at an alarm and sees that Megatron's tail weapon has buried itself in the console! The alarm bleeps, the transwarp drive is gonners and thus they are about to crash! Rattrap yells "We're all gonna die!"  Dinobot has revived enough to note he sees something "down in the sky". 
A Superman reference follows as they see Optimus primal flying toward them! 
He uses his jets to save them by lowering down the ship safely.

Later, Tigatron and Cheetor show their support as Optimus asks Rhinox for a damage report.
Downcast, Big green notes that "In a word: busted. She won't fly again."

Cheetor asks if Dinobot and Rattrap are ok. Nearby the two exchange insults in their usual manner and Optimus notes that "They seem to take it well" Cheetor says he wouldn't want them any other way and then laughs along with Optimus.


Episode notes:
This proved to be a very entertaining episode, with a lot of great character moments, a fair bit of action and intrigue. Dinobot's reaction was spot on!  The Optimus/Rhinox, Optimus/Cheetor and lastly Rhinox/Tigatron moments were nicely acted out. It's small moments like that that makes me like this show so much. The Predacon bickering was interesting, BA's skills as an inventor comes to use once more. Not bad! Rhinox quite literally kicked Megatron's butt, once again proving what he is capable of in a fight.

Reviewed by Pacerpaw

Alas, poor Tarantulas...

Rhinox must've really crammed Megs in there...

What we gonna do 'bout 'ol Choppuhface?


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