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The Trigger: Part 2


Season 1


Reviewed by Jammer


The episode opens with a panoramic view of 'the cloud' and then zooms in and through the cloud layer for a few seconds before revealing the island-like paradise that floats within it. The scene then quickly fades and follows a butterfly (hey I think we know this guy...er, or gal...) for a little while before coming around a boulder and revealing Tigertron sitting on the crest of a cliff edge - in beast mode - admiring the beauty of this floating island.

Sighing, he says to himself out loud, "It is as though I've come home. Though, my heart is that of a Maximal fluid pump, my soul is that of a tiger. And on this strange flying island, despite it's weaponry, I at last feel myself at peace...It must not fall into the clutches of the Predacons!" During the time he says this the camera orbits around him and shows a still dazed Airazor recovering behind the rock it just passed a few moments before.

Cutting away to Backarchnia and Scorpinok. The two Predacons are traveling down a dirt path -in beast mode as well- at a steady pace when Blackarchnia suddenly stops and makes an observation that the center obelisk is the source of power for the entire island. Stating the obvious her fellow Predacon says that it must be guarded. "Figure that out all by yourself did'cha?" she sarcastically replies and tells him to keep his scanners on high-res, and begins to follow the path again when she abruptly stops and notices something on a near by rock. She moves in closer to get a better look at this symbol she's found on the rock when it starts to glow, she moves in a slight bit closer more only to have the ground fall out from underneath her. Luckily, though, she manages to thread some cyber-venom to halt her possibly fatal fall.

During her climb backup Scorpinok crawls up to the newly formed hole in the ground and laughs at her after he makes a rather bad pun. Swinging back on to stable land, and promptly ignoring her comrades pun, Blackarchnia exasperates that sometimes it pays to be a spider. She also makes the observation that the marking on the rock seems to indicate a trap (one would hope...) and that knowing that could prove to be useful.

The scene then cuts back to the Maximal falcon and tiger, the later of which the camera focuses on first. Getting up from his perch on the cliff edge, and moving over to his injured comrade, Tigertron says to her that they should move. Airazor noded in acknowledgement to her friend. Moving in a slight bit closer, Tigertron asks her how she's feeling, she responds in a exhausted voice that her wings are still thrashed and as such she can't fly yet.

"In that case the lady shall ride a tiger." Tigertron says striking a pose as he does so. And with that, Airazor waddles on over to Tigertron and hops on his back.

The scene then cuts to a wide view of the Maximal base. At first the scene is queit, but then, we see a rather large black speck shoot out from the Axalon. Cutting to an angled upper view, it is revealed that the black speck is, infact, Optimus Primal with the one and only Rattrap hanging on for his dear life on his back. Who of which promptly starts complaining about how he's always the one that gets hauled around lack a sack of rusty nuts. Optimus explains to him that he's the only one that he can carry effectively and that since the island was reported to have traps, it only made sense to bring the booby trap expert along with. Rattrap pretty much soaks up the praise and asks if there are any in-flight services aboard. Optimus simply replies that he should make sure his seatbelt is securely fastened and pitches to his right with a rather freighted Rattrap wooing as he does so.

Cutting to a close up of Rhinox pushing some keys on panel in the Axalon he announces the launching of a laser probe. The screen in front of him changes to a grid map of the surrounding area and scans for a target. After a bit of searching the scanner focuses in on an area which shows a blinking orange blip moving fairly quickly. A dish on top of the Axalon points it self at that area and shoots a pulse of greenish energy which after a few seconds impacts with Optimus's chest, dissipating into him when it did.

The camera then switches back Rhinox who then hails Optimus. He replies that he can hear him loud and clear and that it seemed like the laser probe was working fine. Rhinox says that it's a line-of-sight transmission but at least it was free of energon interference, and that the infared beam should penetrate the cloud cover of the island without trouble. As soon as that last word leaves his mouth Cheetor rushes on in to report that both Terrorsaur and Waspinator have headed out of "Pred central" and as such must be back online. Rhinox asks Optimus if he heard that and gets a promptly reply,

"More than hear it Rhinox we're living it live!"

Optimus yells out before diving out of the way of Terrorsaur, of whom transforms into robot mode and fires a twin burst of energy at the two Maximals with his shoulder cannons. The boss monkey manages to dodge the shots and no sooner than he does so Waspinator is on his tail. Dodging the shots as best as he can, Optimus groans that he can't maneuver with a passenger. Rattrap retorts to this by getting in his face and saying that he's the one hanging on by his pink little toes and that he couldn't even transform while on his back. Just after he says that, an explosion sends the two flying apart from each other and tumbling towards the ground.

The camera then fades back to the two Predacon arachnids who are currently traveling down a pathway to the obelisk. When Blackarachnia spots a tree along the path there following that bears the marking of a trap she suddenly says to her comrade to hold it and at the same time grabs him by the tail and throws him back behind her. Swinging around to face her now flipped over faction mate, she tells him that they want to avoid this area. After getting his bearings straight again, Scorpinok asks just why do they need to, she simply replies,

"Call it...intuition."

And moves onward, around the area, and is soon followed Scorpinok. Observing this with her zoom ability, Airrazor is puzzled by the she-spider's reaction to the symbol on the tree.

"Like that one?"

Tigertron asks pointing to a rock face with the same symbol on it. He wonders what it means just as it begins to glow. The ground starts to shake and the exits out of the little gorge there in are sealed by to large rocks. Afterwards, the rock faces there inbetween begin to slide inward, to turn those that are unlucky enough to be in between the rock faces, into a large, and rather messy version of a pancake.

Going back to Rattrap and Optimus. We see the two are still falling, though Optimus manages to regain control of his decent thanks in part to his jets coming back online. Flying away from the two Predacon flyers, he turns too them and fires back at them with his two arm mounted plasma cannons, managing to break the two flyers apart from each other. He yells down to Rattrap saying to hold on and that he'll be on his way. Unfortunately for him, he stayed still to long and gets blasted by Waspinator. Meanwhile, with Rattrap, he's yelling out-loud to no one unparticular saying how he's going to die and that he's falling helplessly. At this point in time, Terrorsaur decides to harass the falling rat, leaving Waspinator to deal with Optimus. He swoops down in front of Rattrap and taunts him,

"A scarred little mousey, this is just to good to be true!"

He says flicking his finger at the rat's nose. Sensing an opportunity, he laughs and says, "You know what? Your right." as he says the last line he transforms into robot mode in mid-air and blasts Terrorsaur with a point blank shot from his gun, the resulting explosion sends the two flying. Regaining his senses after the unexpected point blank blast, Terrorsaur transforms into beast mode only to have Rattrap land right on top of him, gun pointed right at his head. He gloats, saying he only had to get him close enough to hitch a ride. Giving him a swift hit on the head with his gun, he tells Terrorsaur to fly or he would roast his tailfeathers (?). Back to Optimus and Waspinator, the fight is going as one would expect. Waspinator is not doing so well, dodging shot after shot from the Maximal leader, he finally ends up getting hit with two derict hits straight to his back, and falls like a rock to the ground. Sighing, glad that he finally managed to get the big bug, he was about to head down to get Rattrap when suddenly he appears behind him, using Terrorsaur as his own personal aircraft. He says to Optimus to not worry about it since he has it undercontrol, and jerks up on the pterodactyl's neck. After rhetorically asking what there still doing around there he flies off towards the island. Flying along side him, Optimus gives Rattrap a quick pat (well, more like a hit...) on the back and says to him that he's a fine peice of work; acknowledging this he repies,

"Ain't it the truth."

Cutting back to Airrazor and Tigertron, the two still are trapped, and are attempting to find a way out of it. Tigertron looks over to his comrade and asks if she can fly yet. She hefts her wings and asks him rhetoricaly,

"You don't think I've been trying?!"

Out of options, Tigertron reluctantly transforms into robot mode and domolishes a boulder blocking there way out with his gun. Saying they must run, he grabs Airrazor and dashes out of the deathtrap just in time to avoid the angery lashing from the center obelisk.

Cutting quickly to the two Preds, who are very close to the obelisk now, they both stop for a second when they see the beam fire. Scorpinok makes the observation that the beam has fired at the Maximals. Agreeing with that, Blackarchnia urges that they should get to the tower quickly, before it recharges.

The camera then cuts to Rattrap and Optimus who are now just arriving at the island and are starting to feel the effects of energon exposure. Flying down to where Tigertron and Airrazor are, Rattrap finds himself suddenly in trouble. Noticing that he's heading for a rather large tree branch he yells out to his ride, Terrorsaur,

"Hey-hey! Heads up!"

Intentionally ignoring his warning he narrows his eyes and cackles, slamming Rattrap's head into so said tree branch and knocking him off of his back and promptly onto his skid-plate. Shaking off the experince, Rattrap transforms into beast mode and walks the few feet over to the others. Grumbling about the 'bumpy flight' as he did. Shaking hands (err...well, paws) Tigertron says to Optimus that it was good that he came and that the Predacons where almost at the obelisk and that they must stop them. But he also warns him that they must be careful of the traps on the island as well. He points out a nearby arch with the symbol on it and states that the symbol marks a trap location. Testing this, Optimus throws a rock under the arch and observes with an ammount of suprise as the arch collapses. Airazor also warns that using energy weapons (and any weapon that 'shoots' for that matter...) incites the wrath of the center obelisk.

"Wo-wow-wow, wait a minute wait a minute here," Rattrap butted in, "you mean to tell me that whoever built this place went through all the trouble of making traps, and then marked them, and you can't use energy weapons?"

Optimus asks where he is going with that. Rattrap explains that he belives that the floating island is not a paradise, but rather a puzzle of sorts to attract intelligent species and test them. Airazor askes him for what. He just scratches the back of one of his ears and says he dosen't know but suggests that they get off of the island ASAP. As soon as he's done saying that he waves off a butterfly (he/she/IT is baack...) that landed on his nose. Tigertron protests saying that,

"This is a land of peace; I will protect it!"

And as he was saying that the same butterfly that Rattrap waved off lands on a raised paw of his. As soon as he's done saying that, Optimus says that it won't be much longer and directs the others attention towards the center obelisk.

Cutting to a wide view of the two Predacons the camera then moves in on them and then cuts to a closer veiw of them. It then focuses on the obelisk, examing the spear from top to bottom. Transforming into her robot mode Blackarchnia satisfactory annoces there arrival. And also makes the observation that the power center must be inside. She states that they'll have to blast there way in. He waves his arms around in the no way kind of way and states that if they blast it, it'll blast them right back. Pondering this for second Blackarchnia says aloud that they need a diversion of somesort. Noticing Terrorsaur and Waspinator approaching she chuckles sinisterly and keys her comm-link, and taunts them. Falling for the goad, Terrorsaur says outloud,

"Back stabbing bug. I'll vape you first!"

Transforming as he does so. He fires a shot off at the two arachnids, who dodge the shot succsesfully. Detecting this the obelisk lashes out at the two with it's big beam of doom and the two are sent falling to the ground. Waspinator says to his fellow flyer on there downward spirawl,

"Pterodactyle idiot!"

Aiming her gun at the base of the obelisk, she bellows, "Now, before it recharges!" and blasts a whole in it's base. She walks through it, looking around the room she has just walked into which has a massive generator of sorts in it. Claiming success, she walks closer to the generator and to a flight of spirawling stairs and declares that the island and all of it's power is hers to control and gleafully laughs.

Cutting to the Maximals who are now hauling aft to the the center obelisk. Optimus informs the rest of the team that the Predacons have breached the obelisk. At this point int time Airazor also finds that her wings are back online and fly's off of Tigertron's back. As she does so, Rattrap complains about how he hates these glory charges and asks Optimus if there is any possibility for a settlement. Optimus replies to this with a big fat no and orders the others to be battle ready, just before he transforms and joins Airazor in the sky.

The camera then cuts back to Blackarchnia who is gloating about all the power she is about to bathe in. Saying how she will have enough power to destroy Megatron and rule the Predacons, however, as soon as she heads for the stairs, she is stopped by Scorpinok, his missiles at the ready. He explains to her that Megatron anticipated her treachery and sent him along to eliminate her. She replies that he is fool and that he would destroy them both at his current range. He chuckles lighlty and says its no problem and that he'll just get a little distance, and begins backing up unaware of the trap marking behind him. Suddenly the floor under neath him gives way, but he manages to get a claw end on the edge of the hole. Seeing this, Blackarchnia laughs coldly and says,

"Make that alot of distance."

Before kicking loose his grip and sending him plumeting to the ground below. Shrugging this delay off, she accends the stairs fairly quickly and blasts her way into the control room. Walking into the empty room she ponders just how she was suppose to control the islands power, seeing as how there where no control panels in sight at all, save for a chair. She gets her answer as soon as she steps into the center of the room, which has a star-like marking on floor with a center eye, an energy barrier envelopes her. After a few seconds she begins to 'feel the power'. Once the energy barrier disappears her look is changed as well, what was once gold is now silver and her optics now glow a menacing red. She walks over to and sits in the chair, scaratching her claws on the arm rests, she says out loud,

"I have the controls. Let there be... light."

The camera then cuts away to an outside veiw of the obelisk. The top of it begins to glow and sends out four wide beams which angle up wards toward the apex of the sky. And then it sends out an energy pulse, eliminating the the cloud covering and revealing the night sky. Cutting to the two maximal flyers, they pause there charge for a second and grimly observe this. Optimus manages to blurt out a quick uh-oh, before the view switches back to the she-spider. Who appears to be resting when suddenly her optics open and waves a claw in front of her, causing the obelsik to send energy bolts flying every where. The two Maximal flyers dodge a energy bolt aimmed at them, the two begin attacking the obelisk but it is clearly uneffective as Airazor is blasted by the big beam of doom. The two Maximals on the ground, who are now in robot mode, are also dodging there fair share of bolts.

Cackling at the carnage she has just unleashed, she orders the island to head for the Maximal base at maximum speed. Obeying , the center obelisk rises, and the island increases it's speed and soars around a mountain peak as it steered it's way to the Axalon. Seeing the Maximal base off in the distance, Optimus orders the Maximals still at the base to evacuate. The camera then cuts to the innards of the Axalon; klaxons are going off and the three Maximals still in the base are scrambling to do final preperations to evacuate. Switching on the holo-graphic table, Cheetor, and Dinobot for a second, observe the approach of the flying island before dashing into the nearest lift, leaving the holo-display on.

The camera then cuts back to the two ground bound Maximals whom are still charging toward the obelisk. They dodge an energy bolt by diving behind a nearby rock, fliching at the occasional near miss. Sagging his shoulders, Tigertron says this is not something that should have happend. Agreeing, Rattrap says to him that he'll get no disaggrement from him. As he says that, a bolt of energy found it's mark on the rock they where sitting behind. Blowing a large chunk off of it off and on to Rattrap's leg, pinning it to the ground. Concerned for his comrade, Tigertron moves to help the rock off his friend but is quickly told off by Rattrap, telling him to get moving otherwise they're all scrap. Tigertron protests about the defenses and also his trapped leg but, Rattrap tells him to leave it to him and tells him to just run. Nodding, he reluctantly dashes off to the tower. After Tigertron is a good distance away, Rattrap taunts the tower into firing at him after he fires off a few bolts from his gun. The blast from the beam of doom destroys the rock on his leg and sends him flying. After coming to a stop, and now no longer pinned and glad he's still alive, he throws his arms up and hoots and hollars after his near death experince.

Tigertron is just entering the obelisk by now, Optimus sees this and cheers him on. The scene cuts to Blackarchnia, who says to her self aloud,

"Maximal base almost in range."

The veiw then cuts to a open veiw of the island, which passes by the camera. Blackarchnia counts down the seconds untel the island is in weapons range as it does so. The scene then cuts back to Tigertron who prays to be forgiven for what he must do, and blasts the generator with three shots from his cannon. The loss of the generator causes the floor of the control room to flicker in electrical energy, and also Blackarchnia who is in a state of shock and disbelief as the power continues to plumet. Outside the obelisk, Tigertron is lifted off the ground in mid-run by Optimus as they and the others retreat off the falling island. As it flys over the Maximal base it takes out a rock spire nearby the Axalon and grinds it self into a mountain side. It then falls down a steep hill and eventually impacts the ground, disentigrating itself as it twists around like a top toy. When it finally comes to a stop the obelisk teeters and sways a bit before it finally falls; hard, and with what energy it has left, it shoots out a blue beam to a similarly looking structure on the larger of the two moons. Which then sends the beam through a transwarp feild and to who ever can guess best.

Observing this, the Maximals are all sitting in a group awe struck by the light show. Rhinox asks the others what they suppose that beam was all about. Cheetor sketchly replies that it some sort of signal, but Tigertron corrects saying,

"A message! We where givin a paradise; all we had to do was live there in peace. But, we proved unworthy and now the paradise is no more."

As he says this, the camera focus' in on a dieing butterfly from the island. Optimus replies to this with a mumbled yeah, and that maybe some day they would learn. Rattrap butts in at this moment, saying he was more concerned with who got that message, as chances where they where not going to be too happy. Cheetor asks the others what they think there going to do when they do find out what happend. Repling to his question Rhinox says,

"That...we're just going to have to wait and see."

The group then looks to the stars and wonders this, as the camera pulls back and fades out.


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