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Episode Review:


The Low Road


Season 1


Reviewed by Wicked Woman


Summary: Remember Rattrap and DinoBot’s irrational hatred towards each other? Well it goes too far when there’s a Predacon attack while they fought when they were suppose to have do their job (gardening duty). During their fight Rhinox, who had been defending the base until they got their act together (which would be when???), got hit with one of Tarantulas’ newest invention: the Energon Discharge Virus, which caused him to spontaneously discharge energon until reserves were depleted and he… well, you get it.


            Rattrap and DinoBot were to find Tarantulas and/or his lab to obtain the counter virus, the only way to save Rhinox, even though Optimus admitted that sending them out together wasn’t one of his better ideas.


            Megatron, getting impatient about Tarantulas not returning had his team search his lab for the virus to infect the other Maximals with it. Will the Maximals win? Duh!



Review: From different sites that I have read, the Low Road has been labeled as the best episode… and the worst. Some sites seemed to have had a problem about RT and DB arguing more than doing their job when it has never happened in any other episode before or after this one. Others say that this is one of the episodes of Beast Wars that kept the viewers from leaving… I tend to agree.


            Beast Wars, to me, has been a mixture of action, adventure, humor, science fiction and romance (though I can do without the romance, but that’s just me).  This and other hilarious episodes kept me from feeling that the same thing was happening in every episode that aired, which is why I stayed a fan even after Other Voices pt 2 aired.


            There were some things in the episode that I did not like:


1, why would Terrorsaur yelp like a dog? He’s a pterodactyl!

2, Megatron could’ve easily beaten the Maximals if he had smashed the counter virus. I know that he’s smarter than he was portrayed in this episode.

3, Why didn’t Tigatron, Air Razor, Inferno or Waspinator talk more in this episode! I may be able to understand Blu Mankuma and Jim Byrnes probably weren’t there (so why put the two characters in the episode?) but what’s Scott Mcneil and Pauline Newstone’s excuse?


All in all, I give this episode a 4 out of 5.





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