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Episode Review:


Proving Grounds


Season 3


Reviewed by Wicked Woman



Summary: Blackarachnia was being scanned by Rhinox with the other Maximals waiting for results at the beginning of the episode. It turns out that there is a shell program that was implanted in her, obviously by Tarantulas. After an unnecessary remark by Rattrap, the black widow threatened both his and Cheetor’s life. Optimus order her to stand down and she left, feeling rejected (an act to make them think she left?). Cheetor was ordered to replace Silverbolt on scout patrol. Both Cheetor and Rattrap left the command area. Optimus and Rhinox then discussed what options they had for the shell program. Blackarachnia, overhearing their conversation decides that she’s had enough of the Maximals’ rules and leaves. 

All alone in the woods, she noticed the new Transmetal II DinoBot in the area and decided to let off some steam with a little hunt but became serious about hunting him down after he called her a Maximal. 

Silverbolt learned that Blackarachnia was headed for the Jamming Zone and promised Rattrap that if he didn’t tell Optimus, he would get her back as soon as he could. The maximal rodent reluctantly gave him one megacycle. 

DinoBot revealed his plan to give the codes to the Ark that the Black Widow had stolen from Megatron’s backup files early season 2 after having her fall into his holographic trap and hunting her down. Before he could even try to take her head off, he was blasted by cyber venom. Blackarachnia tried to contact Silverbolt but was unable to get through due to Megatron’s jamming tower. Noticing that DinoBot was back up and functional, she fled. 

While Silverbolt was on the trail, Rattrap tried effetely to prevent Optimus and Rhinox from finding out but to no avail. 

After finding his love, Silverbolt ended up having to fight DinoBot and had his life on the line when he was shot…by Blackarachnia! She then tried to convince DinoBot to join forces with her against both Megatron and the Maximals, while Silverbolt over heard. It turned out she had been trying to distract DinoBot while helping Silverbolt. DinoBot wasn’t buying any of it and blasted her with a paralysis beam and was about to finish her off when Silverbolt showed up… however it was just a hologram, he showed up with the projector in his hands and blasted him off the cliff. When DinoBot got back up, Blackarachnia, now able to move again, shot him off the cliff again with a triple dose of cyber venom. 

After yelling at Silverbolt about trust, she finally told him that Optimus and Rhinox were planning to unzip her core. Before they could continue, Silverbolt noticed Optimus was on his way. Blackarachnia tried to leave but was unable to in time as the Maximal Commander landed. Blackarachnia admitted to what she was doing and why Silverbolt was here. Optimus admitted that reprogramming Blackarachnia was what they were planning but they weren’t going to reprogram her unless it was her choice. Now that the problem was solved, all three of them returned to base. 

Author’s Review: This episode showed a different side from the hard exterior of the newest traitor, Blackarachnia. It also explains why she wasn’t saying ‘Maximize’ as well as introducing one of Tarantulas’ devices, the shell program. 

What was interesting was that there was a Beast Wars version of Mortal Combat as well as a Beast Wars version of Doom, both were played by Rattrap. Also it was interesting that DinoBot’s trap was used against him by his target’s boyfriend. 

What was funny was when Blackarachnia hit Silverbolt’s head with hers then she fell down injured as well… heh, what does that tell you about Bowser boy’s skull. LOL. 

What I loved about the episode was that it shows that anyone can misunderstand what a strategy is if they don’t hear the whole idea. 

This was absolutely one of my favourite episodes. 


Reviewed by: Wicked Woman





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