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Season 1


Reviewed by Wicked Woman



Summary:  The episode began in space where an unknown spark was floating down to the planet, where an energon storm was occurring at both bases. While the Maximals were placing the weapons in the armor hold (in the same place as the hold (prisoner area)) and checking what damages they encountered, the Predacons were putting out electrical fires and Waspinator was fixing the computer.

            The computer suddenly went haywire and zapped Waspinator while Terrorsaur watched and smirked.

            Waspinator showed up in front of Megatron and Scorpinok and introduced himself as Air Commander Starscream of the Decepticon Battle Fleet. Blackarachnia gives the viewers a brief reminder about the Decepticons and the Autobots and Starscream explained why he was without a body then proceeded to ask for to become the lieutenant to the ‘mighty’ Megatron while stating that he has a plan to destroy the Maximals and win the Beast Wars once and for all!

            While watching the scenes shown by Scorpinok’s cyberbee (just before it was destroyed by Cheetor). Starscream suggested that they attack at the Auto guns (a move that the Maximals would suspect) and explained to them that the Maximals would be too busy fixing the other side. The plan succeeded and the Maximals were forced to retreat from their base. After learning more about their new adversary from DinoBot, Optimus came up with a plan…


Author Review: Possession is and has been one of my favourite episodes though out the entire series. It’s actually one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn more about the G1 era.

Starscream’s cameo has got to be one of the most popularly remembered event in the Transformers series as it explains where he was in between TFTM (Transformers the Movie) and the episode Starscream’s Ghost in season 3.


My compliments to how Starscream tried the deceive the descendent to the leader of the Decepticons and how at least one of them knew he was lying as well as how important DinoBot was in the episode as he was the one who told them what Starscream’s true nature was. What I didn’t like about the episode was that Air Razor and Tigatron hardly had any lines and Inferno wasn’t even in the episode.

I especially loved five parts in the episode: 1, Scorpinok was basted away by Blackarachnia. Felt sorry for the guy but it was hilarious. 2, Rattrap and Cheetor trying to sneak into the Predacon base but getting caught by the auto guns before getting far. 3, Optimus’ line: ‘You’re giving space debris a very bad name’. Not what a Prime would actually say. 4, Optimus sending Starscream to the other side of the Predacon base with one punch. Maybe something a Prime would do. 5, Blackarachnia firing at Starscream near explosive energon and Optimus quoting something from Terminator. Definitely not something a Prime would do…unless the target was Megatron.

I personally give this episode a 4 out of five.



Reviewed by: Wicked Woman

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