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Nemesis Part Two


Season 3


Reviewed by Wicked Woman



Summary: The Nemesis was shooting at Optimal Optimus and Tigerhawk now that it had arose from the ocean. After continuous efforts of stopping the ship, Tigerhawk told Optimus to head back to base a prepare the other Maximals (who were now working on Operation: Eternity, which was to prepare to move the Ark) while he held off the mighty ship. 

Meanwhile, DinoBot was beginning to feel that his spark was whole, which was due to the destruction of Rampage (I doubt it but anyways). Megatron, not caring about how DinoBot felt, prepared to use all weapons until Tigerhawk used his powers to manipulate the weather and shut down all power in the Nemesis. Megatron was able to use the main fire cannon to blast the Maximal god and destroy him. 

Now aware that he lost another comrade, Optimus swore to Megatron that no one else of the Maximals would lose their lives for his twisted ambition. 

Inferno and Quickstrike had sent the Proto Humans running away from their own village. All that was left was the leader, who was wielding his trusty weapon when the Nemisis rose in the above the valley. DinoBot sensed that the weapon and how the human was wielding it seemed hauntingly familiar. Megatron, disappointed that the human wasn’t bowing down to his ‘godly’ power prepared to fire on him but DinoBot stopped him. After remembering his place he apologized and stated that the Nemesis would be used of a more sufficient reason. Megatron ignored his suggestion and fired anyway, killing Inferno and Quickstrike and missing the Proto human, who had jumped into a near by gap. 

When the Nemesis finally reached the Maximal base, it’s weapon power was only 45% so Megatron activated the protractor beam, lifting everything up in it’s light. Furious at the Tyrant’s ambitions, Optimus flew into the Nemesis and began to fight Megatron while Rhinox and Blackarachnia continued to get enough power to start the Ark’s engines and move it away from the blast. The Maximal Commander took a heavy beating from Megatron while DinoBot stood idle and watched, seeing how he wouldn’t back down. The Ark was able to move about half a centimetre when the connector (Rattrap’s tail whip) Blackarachnia used to fuse Teletran One and the engines together burned out. 

Optimus was down, the Maximal’s attempt to move the Ark had failed and the weapon’s power was up 100%. Megatron was sure to be victorious. DinoBot didn’t feel that the victory was worthy enough so he downloaded a file to the Ark. That file turned out to be information on an Autobot escape ship that was hidden inside. 

When Megatron ordered DinoBot to fire, he refused, which surprised the Tyrant because he hadn’t given DinoBot any memories about the meaning of honor or his friendship with the Maximals. He ended up throwing DinoBot out of the way and prepared to fire on the Ark but noticed the Autobot escape ship flying towards him with Rhinox driving. The ship slammed into the Nemesis and came out the other side with Megatron on the windshield. Optimus tried to convince DinoBot to save himself but all he did was say ‘farewell’ and salute before his side exploded. Optimus escaped the Nemesis and he and his comrades watched as if landed back in the water as the sun rose from the east. 

After returning the original Megatron’s spark to its rightful owner (a scene that was emitted from the episode), the Maximals used the escape ship and flew away from prehistoric Earth while contemplating on what happened and how glad they were to be headed home, while Megatron had a different view on the ride home to Cybertron. 

…Oh and as for Waspinator, well in his own words: he was happy at last. 

Author’s Review: The episode was ok. It seemed a little rushed at the end to me. It would’ve been good if they had made a third part to the series finale but since Hasbro and Mainframe Productions are so cheep… well I guess that’s why they didn’t show how DinoBot was able to remember his own past (A.K.A the episode Dark Glass). 

All I can say about Tigerhawk’s death is that he should’ve been in the show at least a little longer. I would’ve been nice to see the full extent of his powers, I mean come on. He was there shorter than Ravage for crying out loud and Ravage had a cool death. 

The fight between Optimus and Megatron could’ve been better, although I’m not really complaining. I liked how the hero (Optimus) wasn’t able to beat the villain (Megatron). Not to mention that it was pretty ironic that both of them had read the covenant of Primus and knew quotes from the book. 

Quickstrike and Inferno both could’ve had better deaths even though I personally don’t know how else it could’ve been done.  

It would’ve also been nice to actually see the missing scene in Nemesis Pt 2 without having to download it on your computer to see it. Maybe then people wouldn’t have sent so many letters to one of the main writers of Beast Machines trying to find out. 

Enough of my ranting, I’ll get to a complement of the episode. 

I am very glad that Waspinator finally found happiness with the Proto humans. Beast Wars is all in all a great series full of surprises, drama, humor and unexpected twists. 

This episode was good but it can be improved… that’s what RPGs are for. ^______^ 


Reviewed by: Wicked Woman


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