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Episode Review:


Nemesis Part One


Season 3


Reviewed by Wicked Woman




Summary: At the start of the episode, Tigerhawk was testing his new powers to the full extent while Optimal Optimus was reading from the covegant of Primus. Rattrap makes a few complaints about it although they all know that even though the Darkside was destroyed and he was outnumbered, Megatron was not beat yet. 

The Predacons were hiding from Depth Charge and Silverbolt, who were both searching for them all. After some complaints, Megatron ordered Inferno to take Quickstrike and Waspinator and look for a base for the Predacon name. He then orders DinoBot and Rampage to start searching for something Tarantulas left behind, which DinoBot found. 

Depth Charge reported that Megatron was spotted however, he wouldn’t wait until back came because Rampage was there as well. Optimus, Cheetor, Blackarachnia and Tigerhawk left the base to get to the area. Megatron turned on the system and discovered something incredible before ordering Rampage and DinoBot into the sub vessel. Optimus and Silverbolt found Depth Charge pushing over rocks trying to find out where X went to, found the entrance lid, and lifted it to find it was ridged. 

Silverbolt, who had taken the brunt of the explosion, had to go back to base for repairs. Cheetor and Blackarachnia both volunteered to escort him back while Tigerhawk, Optimus and Depth Charge began digging their way into the tunnel. 

Inferno and Quickstrike planned to attack the proto human’s home village while Waspinator made a surprising decision. 

Optimus discovered that Megatron had found the great Decepticon Flag Ship, the Nemisis. Depth Charge was given the important duty of finding the Nemisis and destroying it before Megatron could reactivate it. 

Unfortunately, Depth Charge ran into a little bit of trouble with Rampage. After a bit of a fight, Depth Charge finally gained the upper hand and stabbed Rampage’s spark with a shard of raw energon, engulfing the two of them and the Nemisis in the explosion. Optimus and Tigerhawk assumed that the Nemisis was destroyed and after seeing their robotic parts floating up to the surface, so was Rampage and Depth Charge. Just as they began to head back to base, what surfaced from the sea online and in the air amazed the two of them and filled their minds with question. For what emerged from the water… 

…was the Nemisis. 

End of Pt 1. 

Author’s Review: The first time I saw Nemisis pt 1, I was completely shocked with almost every event in the episode. I said to myself that DC would die mainly because the bomb was ready to go off and he was right in front of it. It still shocks me that the battle ended the way it did. 

I was glad that Waspinator quit because it meant that he refused to take anymore damaged for no reason. It also proved that he had gained a backbone and realized that Megatron’s plan wasn’t worth any humiliation he endured. The only sad part was that he was blasted at for making a statement. 

Rattrap’s attitude when he was told that DC destroyed the Nemisis and Megatron was priceless. He meant it in a humorous way and in a ‘oh, I’ve changed my thoughts on what I think of him’ way… although more of the first than the latter. 

I personally don’t believe that DC and Rampage are dead. If that was how to kill X, he would’ve done it a long time ago himself. I figure that both are still alive on the planet, still fighting against each other. 


Reviewed by: Wicked Woman




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