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Episode Review:


Law of the Jungle


Season 1


Reviewed by G1990



After the first season intro (the best in my opinion) the first thing we see is a mosquito being eaten by a frog, then the frog getting eaten by a snake AND THEN the frog getting eaten by an eagle; I guess that’s why it’s called law of the jungle. Then we hear Dino-bot  complaining about doing a scout mission with the “small cat”.  Suddenly Inferno starts to shoot at him for no apparent reason (seriously what the hell is he doing there?!)  and with the most annoying tone ever used in a show Cheetor screams: “We got company!"   Even weirder is the fact that one of Dinobot’s eye lasers hits Inferno in the chin and just….bounces? I have no idea, I think it was a joke about Inferno’s chin.

Waspinator insists on not helping Inferno because he didn’t give the signal.  Terrosaur grabs a bomb from a missile reserve they have in the mountains (I didn’t know transformers had nuclear armory) and throws it to Cheetor and Dinobot.  They call for help and Optimus is the only one who’s nearby.  He beats Terrosaur, and Waspinator insists on the signal; yet he decides to help them out by dropping a bigger bomb, but he sees another Maximal problem: “Tigatron!” However it’s only a normal tiger since the real Tigatron is above him!   The fight continues and one loose shot goes toward the mountain where the Tiger is, and the poor thing get squashed in the ensuing rocky avalanche.  

After a short lived funeral, the rest of the beast warriors are ready to keep continue the war.

However Tigatron is still depressed since he has just realized that the war is destroying the planet and the animals in it.  The rest of the crew try to convince him to not leave their side, especially Dinobot by saying “It’s a war”.  He may be the coolest character but sometimes his reasoning seems really weird.  That being said, it could be argued Tigatron is over reacting to the death of a friend.

After he leaves, Dinobot is sure that he can get him back.  Cheetor remains with Optimus and returns to base for repairs; meanwhile the three Predacons that attacked before are planning a payback plan (Also they keep insisting on the signal thing). Optimus leaves Cheetor and wants back up - but for what?  He only answers “I don’t know” and dramatic music plays.

The scene changes to night time where as expected, we see our favorite Raptor searching for Tigatron.  However it is Tigatron who finds Dinobot. The Raptor has another argument that justifies the fact that they should fight.  In demonstrating this, he points to where some reindeers appear.  The tranquil scene changes quickly and drastically as another Tiger pops out and kill one of them.

“That is the Law of the Jungle” Dinobot says, but Tigatron insists that the animals don’t kill for pleasure, they just need to survive.  To that Dinobot replies that war is also about survival.  He goes on to say that the Predacons live for the glory of conquest, and also that with enough power they will kill the entire universe.  Tigatron replies that the fight stops when some stops fighting. The debate ends when Dinobot loses his patience and attacks Tigatron, who refuses fight him.

Fortunately Optimus appears in time to stop them both.  Dinobot tries to get Optimus to make Tigatron understand the his viewpoint.  Optimus responds to this by saying to the grieving tiger-bot that he is sorry for the loss of his friend, and realizes that it hurts.  Dinobot leaves complaining about their Maximal ways. Optimus tries to convince Tigatron by saying that they must protect this planet, but Tigatron has made his decision

Meanwhile the three Predacons that attacked before have set a trap and they are ready to attack.  They see Dinobot and start to assault him.  Optimus overhears the explosions and goes to help his friend. Dinobot tries to fight but eventually he falls.   Optimus rushes to his aid and takes down both Terrosaur and Waspinator, but Inferno takes down Optimus and both of the Maximals are in the floor. Inferno is ready to deliver his final strike when Tigatron pops out.  The ant bot has set fire to a bush which enrages Tigatron and spurs him to battle and defeat the Predacon.

After the fight both Dinobot and Optimus welcome back their comrade.  Tigatron states that he stills misses his friend, but as long as there are Predacons that harm this planet he will fight to stop them.  We see the moon and the credits roll.

Tigatron and Dinobot debate the necessity of war

Tigatron makes a stand

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