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Episode Review:

 Go with the Flow

Season 3



This episode is a light hearted, fun, non-series-plot orientated one which is great to watch if you're

 just in the mood for some sweet and simple entertainment.

The episode starts off with a view of a cave on top of a mountain peak, from which a curious flashing light is being emitted.  The camera then zooms in on a section of the forest where TM2 Cheetor is on the prowl.  Something in the trees above him makes a noise and he quietly transforms from beast mode to robot mode, ready and on the alert.  Suddenly, a small Neanderthal jumps onto him from the trees and Cheetor falls down with a laugh.  It's Jock, his little Neanderthal friend, and a moment later, Una, Jock's sister, hops down from her hiding place too!  Cheetor gives them the tip that when they're battling bots, it's best to hack at the hinges.  A noise causes all three to turn and see Rattrap arriving in vehicle mode.  The TM rat transforms, informing Cheetor that he has orders to watch him.  

Cheetor then goes on to give Jock and Una lessons on basic tool making.  He teaches them the pulley and the lever.

Back at the Predacons, Megatron and his troops are busy setting up a huge disruptor cannon, the aim of which is to destroy the Maximals with a powerful energon ray.  However, the energon is affecting all of them and in order for Megatron to finish setting it up, he needs a non-cybertronian to finish the job.  He mentions the early humans would be perfect, were they capable of following instruction.  tarantulas notes that he has, by use if his cyber-bug cams crawling the forest, discovered the two smart anthropoids Cheetor has been training and suggests using them!

Back with the good-brigade and Cheetor is trying to teach the children how to make useful non violent tools.  However, he finds himself having to use violence himself when Waspinator and Inferno appear!  The Predacons open fire on Rattrap and Cheetor, who return the favour.  Una and Jock are left unattended and while Inferno preoccupies the Maximals, Waspinator grabs Una and flies away with her!  Depth Charge arrives on the scene and deals with a now out-numbered Inferno, ending the fight.  Cheetor has sustained a lot of damage and after a brief com.-chat with Optimus, it is decided that Depth Charge and Rattrap would rescue Una while Cheetor goes for repairs.  The duo begin their mission.

Meanwhile, Waspinator is having a bad time keeping Una still.  The smart kid remembers her lesson about 'hacking at the hinges' and does just that! By the time Waspinator arrives at the cave, he's a wreck and upon dropping off Una, he collapses into a heap.  Before Megatron can use Una, he has to deal with an incoming Depth Charge and Rattrap.  He commands Tarantulas to fire a low-power test ray at the Maximals.  The ray succeeds in frying Depth Charge's energon circuits, causing the flying bot to crash down into the mountains.  Megatron has to shut off the ray quickly as it is once again affecting everyone (except Una).

After a rough landing, Depth Charge and Rattrap awake.  Depth Charge is, until his energon circuits recover, paralyzed, leaving it up to Rattrap to rescue Una. 

Megatron has meanwhile started instructing Una to finish setting up the ray.  It takes a while and a lot of patience (a difficult thing for Megatron) before she understands, but she eventually gets the idea.  When she finished her job, Megatron commanded her to install a stabilizer crystal, which she appeared to do.  Megatron gleefully states that victory is before him, while a sneaky Rattrap informs him that 'da rat' is behind him! Megatron is caught off guard but so is Rattrap and Transmetal Dinobot shoots the gun from out of the Maximals' hand and makes short work of his tail spear as well.  Meanwhile, Una has fled from a hungry Tarantulas and is on top of a compression towel.  She uses a metal pole as a lever to push the towel onto Tarantulas, but falls in the process.  Rattrap transforms to vehicle mode and catches, wasting no time to leave the cave and head back.  Megatron sends Inferno, Waspinator and TM2 Dinobot after them.

Rattrap goes back to Depth Charge and stresses on how to push the larger bot to the water.  Una points out that they can use a stick as a lever.  Rattrap agrees with her suggestion and the two of them push Depth Charge into the water and begin paddling, using him as a boat! Pursuing them are the Predacons and Rattrap tries to fire at his opponents.  Unfortunately, they come across a waterfall and go over the edges, splashing into the plunge pool below.  when they emerge, they find they are still being chased by the Predacons. Una once again suggests using a lever and Rattrap uses his paddle to scoops up mud as they travel alongside the river bank and flings the mud onto the face of Waspinator. Depth Charge gets stuck between some large rocks in the river while on the river bank, TM2 Dinobot prepares to destroy them. Waspinator cannot see and crashes into Inferno, sending them both spiraling down onto TM2 Dinobot! The three groggy Predacons slowly crawl out of their heap and Megatron tells them via com. link to return back to the gave, as the disruptor ray is ready and Depth Charge, Rattrap and Una are in line with the maximal base!

In the Maximal base, Cheetor is repairing himself while Rhinox observes for the first time that Megatron as built the disruptor ray and is preparing to fire it!

In the cave, Megatron is confident his ray will work and fires it, while Depth Charge and Rattrap, who have since got out of the river, watch what they expect will be the coming of their demise.  However, the disruptor ray doesn't work, and back fires on the Predacons, much to to confusion of everyone including the Maximals.

Una smiles and takes out the stabilizer crystal she was meant to install and outs it in her hair, saying: "Una pretty!"  Realizing what has happened, Rattrap and Depth Charge dive into the river along with Una just as the disruptor ray explodes.  The explosion rocks the Maximal base and everyone goes flying.  When the explosion is over, Optimus looks at his screen to see that the cave is indeed in a state of wreck.

Depth Charge has emerged out of the water and transforms back into beast mode, allowing Rattrap and Una to use him once again as a boat.  Depth Charge says that the Predacons are probably helpless back there, but Rattrap notes that neither are they in fighting trim themselves and instead, the threesome paddle away into the sunset.

Reviewed by: Sapphire.


Tarantulas & the compression towel

Rattrap witnessing Una fall 

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