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Feral Scream : Part 2


Season 3


Reviewed by Texan Temptress


All is quiet at the Maximal base where Cheetor sleeps in his quarters. Optimus Primal quietly checks up on him before heading to the main control room where Rattrap is on monitoring duty.

Rattrap reports all is calm and asks how Cheetor is doing. Optimus explains he's resting, but that Cheetor's refusal to use a CR Chamber confuses him. Rattrap offers the possibility that Cheetor may be trying to "prove something". Optimus Primal isn't sure that's the case, but will not say what it is he is thinking. As Optimus leaves Rattrap to his duties, Rattrap quickly steals a nap.
Cheetor's sleep does not go well. He tosses about on his bed as he dreams that he is a ugly creature and all his friends are laughing at him. He wakes up realizing it's a dream. Until a large tail suddenly bursts out of his chest and clouds form around it! At the end of the tail is a CR Chamber, which opens up, inviting him in. Rhinox, Blackarachnia, Silverbolt and Rattrap are all there, backing him into the chamber slowly. He doesn't want to go in, but the trap him inside and "zap" him until he becomes a mutated monstrosity. Silverbolt vows to protect Blackarachnia from the "hideous monster" and Cheetor continues to thrash about, mutated until suddenly he wakes up, scared and shaken. At first, he relaxes, but suddenly, a green light shoots out of his chest and moves over to his damaged arm. Slowly, he begins to mutate as the green glow quickly overtakes him...

In the command center, Rattrap wakes up, startled by a loud ferocious roar. He goes down to Cheetor's chambers to investigate. Suddenly, a wild beast jumps out of Cheetor's chambers, knocking Rattrap down flat before running out of the base. Optimus shows up on the scene but too late, the creature is gone.

At the Predacon base, the sound of the ferocious Cyber-beast's roar echoes loud enough to let the Predacons hear it. Megatron knows the roar from the last time he encountered the creature, and he has the scratches to prove it! He dispatches Waspinator and Dinobot to track the creature down. But Waspinator is not very enthusiastic about working with the new Dinobot.
Meanwhile, the Cyber-beast is prowling around a cave in a jungle region. He seems to be searching for something until suddenly a small chamber opens up on its leg revealing a spark! Then the creature speaks, and the identity of the beast is revealed: Cheetor! Suddenly, the same green glow that transformed him before begins to overtake his body once again, and he is helpless to stop it.
When Cheetor awakens, he is fully repaired and back in his Transmetal form from before. Suddenly, he has several flashbacks to the events of the night before and they scare and confuse him all at once.

Elsewhere, Silverbolt returns to the Maximal base from his search for Cheetor to find Blackarachnia returning from her own search mission. She asks if he has turned anything up, but he hasn't. In addition, he is slightly annoyed at her concern for Cheetor, although Silverbolt tries to hide it. Instead he say it gives her credit. As they enter the base, Rhinox is surprised to hear that they found nothing. Rattrap is sure Cheetor is dead. Optimus is quite sure that Cheetor is fine however, but sends everyone off to rest. As he inspects security camera footage of the creature, Depth Charge shows up.

Optimus questions him as to the events of the battle where Cheetor came in contact with the Transmetal 2 driver. Depth Charge is stubborn at first, but Primal doesn't stand for it and manages to get Depth Charge to talk. He finally explains what happened, and Optimus begins to figure out what has happened.
Meanwhile, Dinobot and Waspinator track Cheetor's trail from the night before. They wind up at the cave where he slept, but before they can go in, Dinobot disables Waspinator, wanting the kill for himself! He moves in to find nothing, but he swears he will find the new Cheetor eventually!

Back at Maximal base, Optimus is about to dispatch Silverbolt and Rattrap on another search mission when Cheetor shows up. Optimus Primal asks him where he's been, and he claims to have been out hunting the Cyber-beast. Optimus is skeptical and asks Cheetor to lead him to the Cyber-creatures' remains.
The two Maximals wind up in the jungle where Cheetor had been the night before. As the two stroll along, Cheetor gets upset, asking Optimus if he trusts him. Optimus says he does, but that he feels Cheetor is hiding something. Reluctantly, Cheetor begins to explain, but too late! Optimus jumps in Cheetor's way just as Dinobot blasts him! With Optimus down, Cheetor is left to face Dinobot alone! As Cheetor tries to run over to Optimus, his body suddenly starts to change. Claws begin growing out of his hands and armor falls to pieces everywhere!

Waspinator is thrilled and moves in to claim Cheetor. Optimus sees Waspinator coming up behind Cheetor, but in his new form, he is quite aware of his surroundings. Cheetor's back mounted cannon quickly detaches and falls into his hands."Cheetor Watch out-"
"You mean him?"  He fires behind him without even looking and blasts Waspinator away.
Dinobot appears from behind some trees and Cheetor challenges him. Dinobot makes the first strike with a blast from his laser sight, but Cheetor is fast enough to dodge the blast. The two transform into beast mode and begin to struggle. As they do so, Optimus radios for help. "Rattrap we need back up." Sees Cheetor kicking Dinobots butt. "I think."
Cheetor fights furiously, and manages to keep Dinobot at a stand off. Suddenly, Rattrap and Silverbolt come onto the scene. Dinobot knows a lost battle when he sees one, and quickly runs for it. Silverbolt and Rattrap are concerned at first, but Optimus quickly explains to them what has happened. He picks up Cheetor happily, but Cheetor is embarrassed and gives Rattrap an attitude. Rattrap then comments on "cyber-puberty".

Back at the Maximal base, Cheetor is looking over his new look. Blackarachnia finds him admiring himself and comments on how good Transmetal 2 technology makes one look."I like it to. I really do." She sly smiles walking out the door as she looks at the Transmetal 2 driver, and contemplates the future. While Cheetor thinks he has a chance with her. Yeah..Right.



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