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Episode Review:


Call of the Wild


Season 1


Reviewed by Steelmare


Summary: The episode begins with Cheetor having a nightmare where he hunts an antelope in the jungle but falls into a fiery pit as the ground opens up underneath him. He wakes up just in time to hear the alert for a Predacon attack. Outside, the Preds take out the Auto-guns and gains access to the roof, where Waspinator and Terrorsaur manage to remove some sort of device. Optimus Primal tries to stop them but is promptly shot down; first he takes a shot in the chest at point blank, courtesy of Terrorsaur, and later Megatron caps his jets. The Predacons then retreat.

As Optimus is plummeting toward the ground, Airrazor stops his fall and gently puts him on the ground but not before she got hit, also. She's out cold and put in the CR-chamber and the rest of the Maximals soon discover just what it was that Megatron stole, as they all get energon surges.

Rhinox explains that the Preds have taken the Rectifier coil and that without it the Maximals will have to stay in Beast form even inside their base.

Primal voices everyone's concern when he states: "That could be a problem".

Meanwhile at the Darkside, Megatron says that the operation was a success and that the Maximals soon will discover the consequences of their situation. 

Two days have passed since the theft and the Predacons have launched repeated half-hearted attacks on the Axalon. Because of that Optimus and his crew haven't got any time for sleep or re-charge for the last 48 hours. The sleep-deprivation is making them all testy and ill-tempered.

Rattrap wants to maximize but is ordered not to by Optimus. He then retorts that Primal is 'chicken', at which Optimus loses his temper and is about to clobber the rat over the head with a chair, when Rhinox breaks up the fight by flinging the holo-table across the room.

He tells Optimus and Rattrap that they have been in Beast Mode too long and that their animal instincts are taking over. He also says that he has sent a message to Tigatron for help.

Soon afterward, the Predacons draw back and the Maximals decide to get some much deserved rest. 

That doesn't last very long, though. After having vivid dreams of hunting or being hunted, the Maximals strays away from their base and out into the night. They have all succumbed to their Beast forms and acts just like any other animal would.

Megatron gloats about how his studies and theories of Maximal programming have proven to be correct.

Then the hunt is on. Colonial big game-style. 

All hope now lies on Tigatron and Airrazor to set things right again. 

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Steelmare's thoughts: I like this episode a lot. Maybe that is because I like the idea of robots having beastly urges. *head-chorus hands out brain-scrub to all in need* 

Optimus: *warningly* Keep within the limits. 

Don't mind the Boss Monkey, *glare from Op*, he's got one those moods that comes with living in my head. ;P

Now, where was I...? Ah, yes...beast urges. :) The idea of the Maximals falling victims to their Beast Modes is a great idea and I find it believable

that stress and exhaustion brings forth the animal in them; the final nudge to primal ( no pun intended) behaviour, being the dreams in their sleep. 

Memorable scenes: Cheetor had a 'blonde' moment where he forgot to Maximize; no offence to the blonde-haired population, of course. How in blazes can you forget to transform? 

For no other reason than it's ability to turn me into fangirly mush, the scene where Optimus lets go of the lift and cautiously ventures out into the jungle. 

'Bwana' Megatron in his 'hunting chair' and sporting an Elephant rifle. That made me laugh out loud. 

Optimus' swing-attack at Megs, transforming in mid-air. Real Tarzan moment. *squee* 

Rhinox's and Rattrap's coordinated fighting-style. Cheesy, yes, but oh so entertaining.

The wish-list: But even as I sing the praise of this episode, I can't but feel that it could have made an even better two-parter. I wanted to see them team up with their animal counterparts. Okay, so the only one to join a group would've been Optimus ( if we're going by real facts). Err...scratch that, I meant: he would've claimed a group of his own. Then there's also the fact that this is a show aimed at kids (sorry, Op). In other words: no stumbling over some female cheetah or rhinoceros.

It is at times like these that I thank Primus or whoever responsible, that there is fanfic in this world. Now, if I could only find a fic based on this episode, then I'd be the happiest fangirl in the world. ( Especially since I can't get my own plotbunnies to survive for more than a week. :P Even the scenesquirrels keel over and die within a couple of days.) 

Anyway...this is my humble opinions on "Call of the Wild". ( And if you happen to have a fanfic on this ep, please send it over to the mare.)





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