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Episode Review:

Beast Wars Part 2


Season 1


Episode Written By: Bob Forward


Reviewed by Lord Skyfire


          This is a continuation from the pilot episode, Beast Wars part 1, and last time Dinobot has just challenged Optimus Primal to a duel to the death.  Optimus does accept, if a bit reluctant.  As they begin to fight Megatron and the other Predacons watch off in the distance.  Megatron decides that it would be better if no one in this duel survived.  He then orders his troops to open fire on Optimus and the traitor.  Optimus notices the barrage of weapons fire swirling towards him and Dinobot, transforms, and grabs Dinobot.  They're left hanging up side down by Optimus.  His toes grip the bridge tightly, trying to hold up himself and the very large Predacon.  Rhinox and the other Maximals decide to join in.  Rhinox rescues both Optimus and Dinobot and they all make it off the bridge before the remaining Predacon missile fire hits and destroys the bridge. 


          But then they all watch as left over fire from the Predacons continues to fly passed the now destroyed bridge.  They eventually hit and destroy the face of a mountain in the distance.  The explosion from their weapons reveals a load of energon crystals resting within the mountain.  Megatron is excited by this find and they start their journey to the mountain.  Optimus and his crew realize with that much energon, Megatron could conqueror the galaxy.  So they move out to stop Megatron from getting his hands on the energon.


On route to the mountain the Maximals find strange standing stones below them.  Rhinox concludes that they didn't build it and neither did the Predacons.  Optimus dismisses the mystery and pushes them to move on.  But then Predacon flyers, Terrorsaur and Waspinator, attack them from the sky to slow their gain on the mountain.  The Maximals open fire, but the cave they stand in begins to cave in.  Optimus orders them to stop and flies out to the Predacon flyers.  Eventually Optimus beats them and returns to the cave.  Meanwhile Dinobot fires on the fleeing Preds causing a large boulder to come loose and almost flatten Rhinox.  Rattrap gets fumed and pushes Dinobot around, but is soon stopped by Optimus.  After a little fight they continue to the mountain. 


          When they arrive at the mountain they meet up with the Predacons.  Both factions battle against one another in beast form.  After some time Megatron is sick of Optimus and decides to end this now.  He transforms, fires a missile, and falls to the ground because of the strong energon fields around him.  Dinobot scurries by, hits the missile, deflecting it from Optimus.  The missile impacts with a crystal of energon causing the whole mountain to shake.  Maximals and Predacons alike evacuate the mountain as quickly as possible as Megatron lies in pain, unable to move.  Finally, just before the mountain explodes, Megatron gets up and makes a run for it.


Clamp it kitty!

Wrong planet! You IDIOT!


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