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Episode Review:

The Agenda (Part 2)


Season 2


Reviewed by Kacheetah



Anyone here in the mood for some Beast Wars with a little G1 Transformers twist? This episode, The Agenda Pt.2, is a continuation of The Agenda and gives out some good information about the truth of some of the characters.


            The episode starts off with a beautiful scene of mountains and a rising sun, indicating a lovely day. The camera view then moves to the Axalon and Ravage’s ship. Optimus is standing in robot mode in his quarters, looking out the window. His door bell rings, and after a while, he replies with an “Enter”.           


            Silverbolt walks in and Optimus, not knowing how long it’s been going on, tells Silverbolt to end his meetings with Blackarachnia.  The conversation then turns into an argument, with Silverbolt believing he could bring the spider woman around, and Optimus believing otherwise, yelling that Blackarachnia is only using him. Optimus then decides to confine Silverbolt to his quarters and have Cheetor bring in Blackarachnia. After a last debate that failed, Silverbolt sadly left to his quarters.


            Meanwhile, in Ravage’s ship, he discusses to Megatron of the Tripredacus Council and Megatron’s rebellion. Megatron then talks about Ravage’s ship, which is too energon-depleted from battle to return to Cybertron. Ravage thought the Maximals could help, but Megatron told him they had nothing and were only expecting rescue. However, Megatron had a hidden stash of energon himself, but the location was encrypted and his minions had fled. Ravage then reminded Megatron of the defense shutdown that triggered his capture. He answered Megatron’s question of how it happened by introducing him to the bot Tarantulas really was—Lieutenant Tarantulas of the Predacon Secret Police. Lt. Tarantulas had located the stash of energon and Ravage had the Maximals go retrieve it.


            At the Axalon, Cheetor is happily heading out to get Blackarchnia (notice a crush developing here?). He pauses as he approaches Silverbolt’s quarters and apologizes to the Fuzor about all of this. Silverbolt apologizes too and when Cheetor asked what he was apologizing for, Silverbolt replied by punching hard through his doors and sending Cheetor flying into the air and crashing against the wall. Silverbolt came out and asked Cheetor how he felt. He then apologized and punched the Transmetal again. Rattrap had witnessed the incident and insulted Silverbolt, then punched an alarm button. Silverbolt quickly made a hole in the wall with a missile, transformed to beastmode, and flew out of and away from the base.


            Sometime later, Optimus and Cheetor had left the base to get the stash of energon Ravage told them about. Optimus asked Cheetor how he was, and the cat replied his head was more fat-headed than fractured. Optimus told him Silverbolt believed he was acting in Cheetor’s best interest.


            Optimus then found the location of the energon stash and they both transformed and cautiously approached it. Cheetor entered the cave and became disappointed when he found raw energon that was no good for them. He believed Megabrain-that’s what he called Megatron- must have made a mistake, but Optimus believed otherwise. The two were then preparing to fall back, when they were suddenly attacked by Inferno!


            While all this was happening, Waspinator flew in beastmode to some coordinates Megatron assigned him to, while Blackarachnia was riding in her new vehicle that was created from a stasis pod. She hears a distant, yet long howl and sees Silverbolt fly in next to her. He asks her to pull the vehicle over, but she tried to get him away, for she was busy. Silverbolt didn’t listen; he just transformed and boarded the vehicle. Blackarachnia warned him to get away with her weapon, but Silverbolt asked her to come with him to the Maximals. Blackarachnia replied with some yelling, saying she was Predacon and evil. Silverbolt then told her that she didn’t know whether to kiss him or kill him. Being the black widow, Blackarachnia could do both, and gave Silverbolt a kiss.


The two never noticed Waspinator in front of them, and the vehicle crashed into the wasp, making him explode into many pieces and parts all the while breaking apart itself. Blackarachnia was helplessly falling with the broken parts and screaming from fright. Luckily, Silverbolt flies in and catches her. She is surprised he saved her again, but he replied that it was his duty. It would seem to us Blackarachnia was starting to develop a soft spot for the Fuzor, for she wrapped her arms around his neck and looked passionately at him.


“You know I like ‘em big and stupid, but you’re REALLY pushing it,” she said.


Back at the energon cave, Optimus and Cheetor were in an intense battle with Inferno and it seemed neither  side were winning. Then suddenly, Inferno got an energon surge and fell to the ground. He laughed insanely and pointed his flamethrower to the batch of energon. Optimus’ optics went wide with horror as he saw the flames engulf the energon. He warned Cheetor that it was going to blow and the two of them ran out of the place for their lives. Luckily, they made it out of there and Optimus told Ravage over his comlink about the situation.


After being informed by Optimus, Ravage told Megatron the whole thing was a trap. Megatron was sarcastic about it and Ravage activated an auto gun that pointed to the tyrant. Even imprisoned, Megatron still operated his own agenda. He told Ravage that he wasn’t planning on returning him or anyone to Cybertron alive. Ravage told Megatron he was correct, while aiming the auto gun at him.


Megatron then asked Ravage if he ever wondered why he stole the Golden Disk in the first place. Like everyone else, Ravage thought he was just looking for energon. It was revealed that that reason was only a bonus that allowed him to recruit a crew and gain potential for power. The real reason was that the original Megatron had inscribed a secret message into the disk after it being launched from Earth aboard a voyager spacecraft just as the secret war between the Autobots and Decepticons began. Megatron (2nd) had discovered and decoded the message.


Ravage was expected to believe Megatron, but he said himself the disk was destroyed. He told this to Megatron and ordered the auto guns to target him. They complied and Megatron gave a helpless facial expression. After a while, Ravage ordered the power bonds to release. After a long stretch, Megatron brought out a fragment of the disk and played the message as a hologram. The original Megatron was on it and he admitted he failed, but he knew that transwarp technology was being developed. The message got fuzzy and gradually died away. Ravage was convinced, and ordered the auto guns to stand down and the bars that encaged Megatron to retract. The two then had a talk.


Back with Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, and Waspinator; the poor broken up wasp-bot crawled around with what was left of his hand and his head while complaining like he always did.


Silverbolt and Blackarachnia were up at a huge pile of rocks, trying to uncover whatever was underneath. Silverbolt guessed that it seems Megatron dug a tunnel, and then blasted it shut. According to Blackarachnia, he was correct. Again, she tried to get him to go away and again, he tried to get her to join the Maximals. This went on for a while, and frustrated, Blackarachnia gave up on getting rid of him and tried making him useful by having him take out a huge boulder. Silverbolt easily did so by firing two missiles at it.


As Optimus and Cheetor flew back to the base, Optimus commanded to whoever was at the base to report their status. Rattrap replied with some good news and bad news. The good news was that they didn’t have to count on Ravage anymore, but the bad news was that he switched sides! Ravage’s ship appeared behind the two Maximals with Megatron hovering above it.


“Decepticons forever!!” Ravage exclaimed. He then transformed into his cassette mode with the classic Transformers transformation sound. Megatron evilly laughed as the ship shot at the Maximals.


To be continued....


Reviewed by Kacheetah

Megatron's view of the barrel of an autogun.

"L-Let us talk...?"

Silverbolt the 'Heroic Character'.


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