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Interview with David Kaye



Many thanks goes to Commander Destrik for getting me the contact details of Mr. Kaye's PR manageress.  Through her I was able to give Mr. Kaye these questions and receive his answers.  Without that contact, this wouldn't be possible.

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Questions and Answers:


1.)    When did you know you wanted to get into voice acting?


When I found out I didn’t know how to do anything else !  Well, that IS part of it.  When I landed my first cartoon series (G.I. Joe – General Hawk) back in late 1989.  That was all it took. Since then I’ve learned to do other stuff to, like arts and crafts.  Popsicle stick buildings and things.


2.)    Do you have any favourite voices you like doing?


I love to fool around with the voices from Seth Green’s ‘Family Guy’  I think he’s brilliant !



3.)    Do you and Megatron have any one thing in common? 


 Uh…………We both have a rubber ducky



4.)    Some claim that Barney is Megatron’s EVIL twin.  Do you know why the designers made Megs purple?


                                  Not a clue, but I like your idea.                                 



5.)    Have you ever sneezed/coughed in the voice of a character you do, unintentionally?


No.  But Gary Chalk farted once.



6.)    Scott McNeil once had to do the voice of Rattrap imitating the voice of Quickstrike. Are there any other characters in Beast Wars that you think you can do a good impression of?


I like to try Alec Willows ‘Tarantulas’  It’s so freaky



7.)    If Megatron could take a much-needed vacation anywhere, where do you think would be his preferred holiday spot?


A spa !



8.)    If you could go anywhere in the world (for free!) where would you go?


Galapagos Islands



9.)    What do you like most about your profession?


It’s always fun when the check clears but I think the most fun is hanging out with people who are as wacky as I am.



10.) When you embarked on Beast Wars, did you know it’d run for three seasons?


No one knows how long anything will go.  I’m happy it went more than 3 episodes.  I sure do miss Mainframe’s involvement.  I also miss Larry and Bob’s writing.


11.) Which of Megatron’s forms do you like best?  Original, transmetal or dragon?


I love the Dragon.


12.) Do you visit any Transformer websites?


From time to time



13.)    Will you visit Beast Wars International sometime?  ;)


Sure, why not !


14.) Do you know if you will be attending Botcon this year?


No one asked.  I guess they already hate me .



14.)    Many of Megatron’s female fans think his voice is sexy.  What are your thoughts on this?  J


Whatever cranks your turn


15.)    Did you have a favourite TV show or cartoon as a child?


I Loved  ‘Rocket Robinhood.’  I know…you’re laughing.   I liked it when they all chuckled at the end of EVERY episode.  I liked ‘Gumby and Pokey’ I also liked ‘Davey & Goliath’….Well, I didn’t actually like it, I just liked to make fun of it.  And my all time favourite ‘Ant and the Aardvark.’ 


16.)    What did you like most about Beast Wars, and did you enjoy working on the show as a whole?


Sue Blue (voice director) Rocked !!  The cast was great and it was just a ton of fun to do



17.) Do you have any advice/tips for aspiring voice actors?


No. Not really.  Just start the day with a healthy breakfast



Thank you very much for your time.  On behalf of, I wish you the very best for the future.